Quoting Kiffin: Saturday (4/7) Scrimmage

Lane Kiffin addresses the lack of depth at tailback after Saturday's practice.

(Injury Report)
--"Ryan Henderson out. Dallas Kelley out. Marquis Simmons out. Randall Telfer out. De'Von Flournoy out. George Farmer out and Junior Pomee did some stuff and then came out with his foot again."

(On Satruday scrimmage in general)
--"We didn't go very long today. Didn't tackle today. Just trying to go along with the theme of staying healthy and being able to still get some stuff done without the tackling aspects."

(On what happened to De'Von Flournoy)
--"Flournoy got tackled from behind and got a high ankle sprain."

(On whether Marqise Lee had a bad day or the passes were off Saturday)
--"I don't think he had his best day, very unusual for him. He kind of carries off in practice lately and he was just a little bit off today."

(On the loss of Tre Madden for the season)
--"Extremely disappointing. Probably one of the most valuable guys on our team, as of last week because – we have a lot of great players but sometimes we have some guys that are similar to them – we don't have anybody like (Tre) nor do we have anybody coming in really like him. So to have a big guy that was running a 4.5 (40-yard dash) electronic with his hands, it was just really unique and it was a great experiment and unfortunately he won't be here this year for us."

(What kind of role he saw Madden playing)
--"Well we had seen his growth in such little time at the position, after spring break. I think the sky was the limit and it will be when he comes back. I think he'll be a great player. I think we saw a lot of his running style like Lendale White with longer speed and really good hands and ran a bunch of wildcat (formation) with him. Like I said we don't have anybody like him to replace him with."

(Will Madden stay at tailback when he returns)
--"He's definitely at running back. Yes."

(On where Kiffin goes from here at running back)
--"We had Buck out here today, finally. He's not completely healthy but at least he was out here. We don't know very much about him. He's been hurt for so much time while he's been here so this last week will be big for him."

(On whether Buck playing Saturday had to do with Madden being out)
--"I don't think that had anything to do with it I think he was just finally (at the point) where he could do more stuff. We're going to need somebody, whether it's him or whether it's Nelson (Agholor) coming in, who has had some running back background."

(On whether this last week is treated carefully so nobody else gets hurt at tailback)
--"I don't think that's exactly the mentality but I think as you've seen in general, we haven't tackled very much at all. With our numbers, where they're at, where they're going to be at the next few years, we'll maintain that philosophy and then just tackle more individually in drills with our down the line guys." (On Agholor getting a serious look at running back when he comes in)
--"I think so. We know that he can do some stuff back there and that would give us somebody that we know has hands out of the backfield because we did have him in camp a year ago so we've seen some of that stuff." (On whether there is another player Kiffin has looked to move over to tailback)
--"I don't think so. I've kind of looked through it. I don't really see anybody except for Jahleel coming in who would be a big fullback but could be a tailback."

(On whether Nelson is a wildcat quarterback candidate)
--"He is. He can throw the ball well and has good hands. He would definitely fit that (style). That's really not D.J. or Curtis. That's not who they are."

(On whether Brian Baucham's story parallels Curtis McNeal)
--"Yea. Still has some work to go. Has to finish strong this semester and potentially in summer school to make sure he's eligible just like Curtis had to do. But Brian is playing well out here for us. For a light kid he plays big so it'll be good to have him."

(On whether a walk-on tailback might get a serious look)
--"I don't know. We'll look at that in camp. That'll have to do a little bit more with how the other guys develop once they get here."

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