Quoting Kiffin: Last Tuesday of Spring

Quotes from the Trojans' final Tuesday spring practice.

(Injury Report/General Practice Overview)
--"Okay so we did get back a few guys, doing a little bit more than normal. Ryan Henderson did not, Dallas Kelley didn't, Marquis Simmons didn't and Randall Telfer (did not practice). George Farmer did more than he has done but he did not do everything yet. So it's good to have those guys back and we'll go through really two practices left, just kind of trying to manage our way through to make sure that we're getting guys individually better, we're spending more time in individual drills with guys then necessarily team things and obviously not tackling in the team formats, either."

(On whether Madden has had surgery yet)
--"He has not. There's not a date yet because a lot has to do with, because they take time to see the swelling."

(On whether Kiffin plans to do team tackling in the fall)
--"Yeah we will at times some. I would think we'll be in a little different place than we were one year prior to that because there is so much experience returning on defense so we do know what guys are doing. We'll still do the individual stuff that we're doing which has helped us last year, not in the team formats but in the individual part of tackling the backups and not risking the starters on offense. And we'll continue to do those things but I think we're going to be in a little better place with so many starters coming back."

(On what player has been the most consistent this spring)
--"I think Marqise (Lee) outside of when he was gone to track. He missed a couple balls the other day on Saturday but really he's just been dominant in almost everything. And Nickell Robey is right there with him. I'd probably say those two guys and I'd throw T.J. McDonald in there as well."

(On how this spring's defense will look different come fall)
--"I think they'll look fast, I think they'll be undersized, especially in the front seven. When you look at Dion and the defensive tackles but I think they'll have really good ball skills in the back seven and make a bunch of significant plays and hopefully we get to add two safeties to that in Gerald Bowman and hopefully Josh Shaw will get cleared so we can add some depth there as well."

(On whether Kiffin expected so many turnovers from the defense this spring given Woods being out and the abundance of walk-on wideouts/tight ends)
--"No you don't ever expect that many but also you understand the circumstances as you mentioned. It's tough for the quarterbacks because there are some guys in there that don't know what they're doing that have been with us, just got with us this spring, just to fill some spots. It is what it is and I think we'll see those come down in the fall."

(On how good the linebacking core can become)
--"I think they can be really good and it is unique to have three returning starters that will only be sophomores so they're finishing up their freshman year right now so I think the sky is the limit there. Like the front seven, they're not real big, they're a little bit undersized but I think they'll make a number of plays."

(On whether Kiffin is concerned about the performance of offensive tackle Kevin Graf)
--"Yea we are. It's one of those things that we're working in the pass-rush situations and at times during the season we struggled with that, especially at Arizona State and so we'll continue to work with him on that. Both sides have the same issue."

(On whether Buck Allen is finally feeling comfortable)
--"He did. I think Saturday he wasn't really in the right frame of mind and we pretty much forced him to go because he has just been out long enough and so I think today he was mentally prepared more that he was going to go the whole time."

(On how Kiffin thinks Kessler and Wittek have performed thus far)
--"I think they've done well. They don't get as frustrated as Matt because it's still new to them but I think they've handled the huddle really well and the offense, getting people lined up and I think they both seem to be very experienced for guys that are just freshmen."

(On whether Kiffin is planning to pick a player this spring)
--"We don't know yet. We'll evaluate that after spring. Really right after spring we go on the road so we really don't make many decisions right then."

(On whether George Farmer will participate in team drills anytime soon)
--"I hope so. I hoped he was going to go today and last week so hopefully he will Thursday."

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