Quoting Kiffin: Final Thursday of Spring

Quotes from head coach Lane Kiffin after the Trojans' Thursday practice, the final one before USC's Spring Game.

(Injury Report/General Practice Overview)
--"Ryan Henderson did not practice, Dallas Kelly, Marquis Simmons, Randall Telfer and Victor Blackwell was out with a foot. Randall will not be back Saturday, Marquis will not be back for Saturday and Dallas won't. Hopefully Ryan and Victor will"

(On whether the same concussion held Ryan Henderson out)
--"No it's his knee. He came back from a concussion."

(On whether was happy about Josh Shaw being cleared)
--"Yeah that was great, really for the team obviously but because he's such a neat kid and he does, he really does a lot outside of here. I'm just really happy for him."

(On whether Kiffin would have been surprised if Amir Carlisle had been cleared and not Shaw)
--"No like I said the other day I don't think I'd be surprised. Because I don't know how they figure it out and some (players) that I think are going to work don't and some that I don't think are going to work do. So I don't think I would have been surprised either way."

(On the likelihood that Shaw could compete for a starting spot or immediate playing time)
--"Sure he could, he's somebody that already played down in the SEC, played for (Florida) and has all the right tools. We've seen him run around and move around before he got hurt and so it'll be great. Not just on defense but obviously special teams and anytime with the reduced roster like we have, that you could get somebody like that, to be at 75 and have guys that are not going to be eligible to play obviously is tough. So it was good."

(Question on defense, couldn't make it out)
--"We've been challenged this spring, not with a lot of weapons on offense, number one but the defensive backs are extremely improved and they're playing by far better than they've ever played since we were here so it'll be pretty neat to see what it's like to play some pass defense. To have some three and outs and get some interceptions. "

(On whether it's imperative to boost the turnover total significantly next season)
--"Well I think so. I think if you look at teams, usually, very successful teams that win Super Bowls and national championships, have great turnover margin. It's hard to (win) without it. It's the most telling stat in football so it'll be good to have one of those years, like when we were here before with a bunch of turnovers."

(On whether Marqise Lee tweaked his ankle in practice)
--"No his shoe came off the bottom of his foot."

(On whether Kiffin has any goals for Saturday's Spring Game)
--"Stay healthy, number one. And number two really just probably down the line guys, to get them to play a number of snaps and a number of looks. And the backup quarterbacks."

(On whether they're going to tackle Saturday)
--"No…(On whether they'll wear pads): Yes."

(On whether Kiffin is planning to pick a player this spring)
--"Same as always: great decision making, command of the huddle. We will not be in the huddles, we'll be signaling from the sidelines and wristbands so that'll be another step for them to have to do."

(On whether Matt will play Saturday)
--"Because it's no contact Matt will probably play a little bit."

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