Quoting Kiffin: Spring Game

Hear from USC head coach Lane Kiffin as he talks about his team and their performance after the annual Spring Game.

(Injury Report)
--"Okay guys that came out during the game: Buck Allen came out with a hamstring and Morgan Breslin came out with a stinger."

(On thoughts of spring game overall)
--"Obviously a little different to evaluate without the tackling side of things so we'll go back and look at the film. I thought in general, maybe in the first half, we didn't make enough great decisions at quarterback, throwing too many balls up, not protecting the football. I thought the defense did some good things and some players showed up. Tony Burnett's move showed up today of playing some at linebacker…like I said with all the stuff going on kind of hard to get an exact read on everything so we'll go back and look at the film."

(On who stood out on defense)
--"Tony Burnett, Morgan Breslin before he came out, flashed and showed some things which was good to see."

(On how Brian Baucham played this spring)
--"Yeah Brian is doing well, except for when he hit Marqise late out of bounds so we pulled him after that. Brian has kind of always made some plays for us, it's just about consistency so hopefully that's coming together and he'll take care of his academic work over the next two weeks to finish strong."

(On what question marks remain after the spring game)
--"Well I think we would have liked to have more people healthy, to be able to evaluate, especially some guys like George Farmer. So that was disappointing but I think overall we came out of this things with one major injury so that was kind -- at the top of the priority list was not having a lot of injuries."

(On whether the no-tackling will remain in fall practices)
--"We'll do some tackling drills and stuff but it's leaning towards that direction. "

(On whether the injuries are worrisome)
--"Yeah we're worried. We couldn't have something like what has happened this offseason to us in the fall. We wouldn't be very good so we need to make sure we keep our guys healthy."

(On Cody Kessler and Max Wittek's inconsistent first half performances)
--"Yeah not sure. Probably just being in here in a competitive setting with some fans and some energy and the band and sometimes that happens."

(On whether Kiffin is closer to naming a backup quarterback)
--"No decision." (no separation?) "No."

(On whether Wittek settled down as the game wore on)
--"Yeah I do. He got more comfortable and did some good things there in the second half.

(On whether Kiffin expected Barkley to play so much)
--"Yeah I kind of did. I didn't figure there were any issues with him getting injured and he did have some guys out there with Xavier being healthy and Marqise (Lee) out there and De'Von (Flournoy) coming back from injury. So it was good to get him some work."

(On whether it was difficult to get into an offensive rhythm)
--"Yeah it was tough but I think, just look at the positive, it was good for our coaches to have to go to some guys that normally aren't in the mix and coach those guys as well."

(On whether any one player comes out of the game having won a job)
--"I don't know yet, I kind of would have to give it some thought after watching this film to figure all that out."

(On whether Matt will play Saturday)
--"Yeah it was good to see D.J. explosive play like that, something we definitely need from that position and we had a little bit more last year, later in the year than the year before so that was good to see."

(On whether Kiffin named an MVP)
--"Yeah we did. We actually said D.J. was but that's really not based off of stats that based more or less on he looked good in there and had the good long run."

(On whether Isiah Wiley had a good showing)
--"Yeah I think Isiah has played very consistent this spring. He hasn't had a lot of downs so I think that's good to see and I think that's kind of typical of a guy in the second year of your program."

(On how the starting offensive tackles played)
--"I don't know I'd have to go back and see it. I know we got ran by a couple times there on some third down pass rushes which has been an issue for us. I'll have to take the whole thing in before I figure it out."

(On whether Kiffin expected Scroggins to play Saturday)
--"Yeah we thought we'd give him a series and let him in there."

(On how Kiffin thought Scroggins looked)
--"Oh I'm sure he was nervous, going in there after not doing very much. He kind of rifled the ball over the guys' head but good to get him in there for a series."

(On whether the wind was a factor for the poor quarterback play)
--"Wind." (Kiffin laughs.) "It was though, I mean obviously it's not an excuse it's just reality. There was, you could see it on Matt's deep ball even over here. So when it gets swirling up there you just gotta pound it through."

(On whether Max Wittek is at his most confident point since enrolling)
--"Definitely. I think where we talked about Cody was kind of confident all along, I really felt like Max has grown in our offense and is very different than he was a year ago."

(On whether one player surprised Kiffin this spring)
--"De'Von Flournoy. I think for a guy that really hadn't done very much here (he's) been very productive. Really on special teams drills as well on offense he's done some good things. "

(On whether Kiffin has seen enough from the defensive ends)
--"Yeah I think we know what the starting two are, we're excited about them and taking them to the next level as they go into their senior years and now we got to figure out the backups."

(On whether Kiffin accomplished everything he had planned to)
--"I think the negatives would obviously be Tre (Madden), what happened there after what was looking like a great move. And I think George Farmer's injury, after those first couple days he looked really special and we haven't seen him healthy for a long period of time so that was good to see initially and then we didn't really get to see anything else, after that out of him. I think the young linebackers are playing really well. Like I've mentioned, the (defensive backs) have improved a lot so that was very critical especially with a new coach back there."

(On whether Robert Woods will be fully healthy come fall camp)
--"That's what we believe, yes."

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