Trojan football camp - Day three

The last full day of the camp featured a visit to the historic LA Coliseum as the campers got a chance to take part in a simulated game on the home turf of the Trojans. The "game" went double overtime before finally being settled by a field goal. The scoring was provided by RB Lamar Herron from Natomas HS and QB Matt Tuiasosopo from Woodinville HS in WA.

Tuiasosopo and Herron were new faces at the camp sessions today along with St. Bonaventure DB Terrail Lambert who stopped by in the morning. Lambert looked very good and was one of the players who stayed on the field to get some extra work with the Trojan coaches. Geoffrey Schwartz (OL, Palisades), Mark Gray (OL, Loyola) and Josh Pinkard (DB, Hueneme) also stopped by and took part in the camp for the first time.

The Coliseum experience began for the campers with the traditional "Trojan walk" as they entered through the peristyle entrance and went down the steps onto the field.

"Oh, the Coliseum was awesome," said Keith Rivers. "I finally got a chance to see how big it is, it's huge! Just walking through here you see all the history like in the locker room with the great players like Marcus Allen, Junior Seau, it's great."

The campers did some warm-up drills and a little 7 on 7 before dividing up into class (senior, junior, sophomore, freshman) with the offense taking the home sideline and the defense on the visitors side. The senior group took the field first with LB Keith Rivers as captain for the defense and Tuiasosopo for the offense. Among the players who looked good were:

Lamar Herron (RB) Natomas HS
Lamar is being recruited for many positions but he was at tailback for this camp and looked very good today. He's got good size and knows how to run upfield with a slashing style.

Keith Rivers (LB) Lake St Mary's HS, FL
Rivers had an interception inside the 10 yard line to thwart an early Tuiasosopo drive. He was also very active on the field and already seems to have developed the role of a leader among his teammates in the few days of the camp. As a side note, the QB who led the drive for the Herron TD was sophomore Robert Kass from Lake St Mary's who made the trip out here with Rivers. Robert is 6-3, 220 with a good enough arm that he will be a recruit to watch for in the coming years.

Matt Tuiasosopo (QB) Woodinville HS, WA
It's obvious that the guy is a good athlete and he spent a lot of time putting his running skill to use. It was hard to judge his arm in a scrimmage situation like this but there's no doubt about his athleticism.

John Bacon (LB) Lakewood HS, CO
A swift linebacker who has been all over the field for the past few days. John plays with a lot of energy and has good size.

Julian Collins (DB) Monmouth Regional HS, NJ
Collins has been one of the top safeties in camp and he bears a strong resemblance to DeShaun Hill. He claims to be serious about the Trojans and the fact that he came west for the camp says a lot about his interest.

Brian Flowers (DB) Inglewood HS
Brian had an interception and was very impressive in pass coverage. Former Trojan DB Martin French has coached Flowers in the past and thinks he has a bright future.

Offensive line
It was a pretty solid group that took the field for the senior offense and that was after John Gibson left after the morning practice. Gibson was solid yesterday and followed that up with a very good performance this morning. He's known to favor USC, we haven't offered yet, while he does have several other offers on the table. Look for an update from John tonight or tomorrow upon his return home. At the Coliseum event the line featured USC verbal Chilo Rachal (Dominguez), Schwartz, Ryan Wendall (Diamond Bar), Mark Gray (Loyola) and Charles Brown (Diamond Ranch). We mentioned Rachal, Wendall and Brown as players who looked good in previous days at the camp and Rachal gave an update on his thoughts:

"It's been pretty cool. It's teaching me to get better. I've got to work on my pass protection so I've been working on that. Coach Davis, He's really good. I've got to get used to him since I'm coming here. He teaches you the things that you need to do, and when you do them, you see that they work."

Other players of note included:

TE Phillip Sumler (Artesia)
LB Junior Epenesa (Costa Mesa)
DT Sione Folau (Valley, Sacramento)
DB Chris Meadows (Redondo)
RB Raynold Stowers (Iolani, HI)
RB Benjamin Alexander (Leuzinger)
WR David Gettis (Dorsey)
DL Matt Kopa (Elk Grove)

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