Lendale White update

There have been rumors floating around that Chatfield (CO) RB Lendale White has failed to qualify academically and that he won't be at USC next year. We were somewhat surprised at that news and, thus, we called him to get the real scoop. Here is what Lendale had to say….

Wearesc: Lendale, there is a rumor floating around that you aren't going to qualify academically for next year. Is it true?

Lendale: No, I'm cleared and everything. I passed the SAT's my sophomore year. I will be at SC the first day at summer camp trying to compete for the starting job.

Wearesc: So how do you think this rumor was started? Have you heard this before?

Lendale: Yeah, I've heard it. I've been hearing it a lot lately. I don't how it got started. Well, I guess some of my… You know, I don't know what happened, I couldn't even tell you.

Wearesc: What have you been doing this summer? Lifting weights? Running?

Lendale: Yeah that's all I've been doing. Lifting and Running.

Wearesc: What's your current 40 time and how big are you right now?

Lendale: I'm around 225 and I run a 4.5. Real low 4.5's.

Wearesc: What do you think your role is going to be next year?

Lendale: I don't know. The plan for next year is just to go in there strong and fast. I mean I want to start.

Wearesc: I've heard that you're going to be rooming with Reggie Bush next year. I take it you guys get along?

Lendale: Yeah, I will most likely live with Reggie. He's a great kid. I think we can only help each other.

Wearesc: Thanks Lendale, I'll get the word out that you're coming to SC.

Lendale: Okay. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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