Trojan Camp awards

The Trojan football camp ended on Wednesday with the presentation of awards. Click below for a complete listing of the honorees:

MVP - Keith Rivers (LB, Lake St Mary's, FL)
Most Valuable senior - Angelo Fobbs-Valentino
Most Valuable junior - Charles Brown (OL, Diamond Ranch)
Most Valuable sophomore - Marlon Lucky (RB, North Hollywood)
Most Valuable Freshman - Rett Ellison (son of Riki)
Top DL - Adam Graley (Etiwanda)
Top LB - John Bacon (Lakewood, CO)
Top DB - Terrail Lambert (St Bonaventure)
Top WR - Nick Tarentino (LB Wilson)
Top OL - Ryan Wendall (Diamond Bar)
Top TE - Phillip Simler (Artesia)
Top RB - Raynold Stowers (Iolani, HI)
Top QB - Robert Kass (Lake St Mary's, FL)

Keith Rivers commenting on MVP award and camp - "It's pretty great to be named MVP. I'm real appreciative. This is a great place. No better place to be right here, right now than USC." Top Stories