BCS Playoffs Only Bring Confusion

Coaches from around the Pac-12 sounded off about the confusion surrounding the new BCS playoff proposal during a conference call this week.

Questions after questions.

Those were the only answers when Pac-12 coaches were asked about the new BCS playoff system during this week's conference calls.

"How do you find a common ground, that is an equal playing field for everybody to say ‘okay, these are the four best teams,'" explained Washington coach Steve Sarkisian, in regards to how the tournament field will be selected.

The only definitive answer coming from Sarkisian is that he thinks it is a four team playoff.

Oregon coach Chip Kelly isn't even sure about that, "My concern is, and no one knows, is it a four team deal? Is it an eight team deal?"

This confusion remains even after the Pac-12 coaches gathered just a week ago in Phoenix for their annual conference meetings.

"Really I came out of there (coaches meetings) going back to what we talk about here," said USC's Lane Kiffin, "I'm worrying about what we can control."

There only seems to be two certainties in the entire situation.

Coaches will have no control how the new BCS playoff system shakes out.

"We're going to have no say in it," explained Kiffin, "so all the opinions of the coaches won't have anything to do with what happens."

It's also near certain that coaches want the field to be determined by conference champions, eliminating any need for a ‘popularity vote'.

"I'd like to think a conference champion is deserving of being in those top four teams," said Sarkisian.

"It should have something to do with being a conference champion" explained Kelly, "because with us all playing each other, you've got to win it somewhere on the field."

Kiffin had little comment on the subject. He did, however, say all his team can control is winning every game the NCAA allows them to play.

Changes to the current BCS system won't go into effect until the 2014 season, giving the NCAA just over a year to decide how to proceed with their first-ever BCS playoff system.

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