Marvin Simmons interview caught up with incoming Trojan linebacker Marvin Simmons for this interview.

"I had a good day yesterday in the scrimmage, I had a pick, a few deflections and a lot of stops," said incoming Trojan linebacker Marvin Simmons. "The defense was really playing good but I messed up my wrist a little and won't be able to workout today and this is the day we are supposed to test for max in the bench.  I just talked to Lee Webb and he benched 405, so did Jason Leach and he's a defensive back. The strength coach was hoping I could go 440 or at least 425 but I'm just not going to be able to lift today, the wrist will be all right but it's a little sore. 

Most days I have been coming in for the 1:00 workouts with the team.  I usually sleep until 10:00, get up and have a big breakfast and then head over to the track to get warmed up before we lift.  After lifting we do some running and then I come home and eat some more.  I basically eat all day because I am trying to keep my weight up around 225 for the season. 

I have a really good handle on the playbook right now and all of the plays that we run on a normal basis I have down pat.  The other guys are telling me that the majority of new stuff will be part of the game plan for each opponent so I'm feeling good with what I know right now.  At this point they have me at weakside linebacker and I can't wait for the season to start.

It has been important to be up here a lot over the summer to get adjusted to the workouts at this level.  Shaun Cody and I have been the two freshmen who have been here the whole time and everyone is telling us that we are the ones who will be playing the most.  I've been really impressed with Shaun since we played in the all star game in Dallas.  I remember when his group was in the game my job was easy but when he was out of the game I had to smack a lot more linemen who were coming at me. "

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