Graf Getting Line Ready

Voluntary summer workouts continue for the Trojans. RS junior Kevin Graf took a few minutes after workouts to talk about his progress over the summer and how he's helping the incoming freshmen.

Voluntary summer workouts are in full swing for the Trojans and redshirt junior Kevin Graf says it couldn't be going any better.

"The team is coming together really well," Graf said. "We've definitely picked it up since last year so it's been a great summer so far."

Due to NCAA regulations, the USC coaching staff is unable to attend summer workouts.

Their absence creates a less formal practice atmosphere, allowing the Trojans to show even more of their character as they taunt, tackle, and even tumble around on the field.

"Obviously it's a bonding time," Graf said. "We're having a lot of fun. It is serious, but we're trying to have fun at the same time. Football is also supposed to fun for us so we're trying to do that too."

The incoming freshmen have enrolled in summer school and are beginning trickle over to summer workouts.

"Hopefully they came in to shape, hopefully they've been working coming in before this," Graf said of the newest Trojans "We've got to just throw them in and teach them as fast as we can, we got camp here in I think five weeks. We've got to get them going real quick."

Tuesday was the first sighting of freshman offensive tackle Zach Banner.

Banner stayed after workouts to get extra reps in with Graf and senior center Khaled Holmes.

"(We worked on) just the backside cutoff," Graf explained. "It's the hardest block for a tackle that we have in our scheme so it's just something that he really has to learn and pick up real quick."

Graf lending extra assistance to the freshmen serves as a reminder to him what he'd like to accomplish as a Trojan this season.

"I ended my season really well last year," he said. "I just want to pick up there and get even better."

He wants his team to get better, too.

After finishing last season 10-2 without bowl eligibility, the expectations this season are a bit higher.

"We're always thinking win every game day," Graf said. "Let us play, that's what we're looking forward to."

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