RB Darius Walker recruiting update

Darius Walker of Buford, GA is one of the Southeast's top RB's this year. He has an interest in USC, but does he like the Trojans enough to leave home for college FB?

Wearesc: Darius, can you give me a list of your favorite schools?

Darius: I've got like a top ten, USC, Ohio St., Neb, Mich., Stan., Fla., ND, Maryland, LSU and Ark.

Wearesc: Is that in order of preference?

Darius: No, not in order. I have no idea who my leader is.

Wearesc: What got you interested in SC?

Darius: Well, actually my father played at Arkansas and Pete Carroll coached him. So he was telling how good of coach he was, so that's kinda interesting. My dad has high praise for him. And then there's the winning tradition, they're always a winning squad. So that's always good.

Wearesc: What is your father's name and what position did he play?

Darius: His name is Jimmy Walker and he was a defensive lineman.

Wearesc: Have all the schools in your top ten offered?

Darius: Yes.

Wearesc: Would leaving home be a problem?

Darius: No, It won't be a problem. My parents tell me that wherever I want to go, they'll back me, so distance isn't a problem at all.

Wearesc: When do you plan on committing?

Wearesc: What would you say are your strengths?

Darius: I've got a desire to be the best. My parent's always tell me to strive for excellence in the classroom as well on the football field.

Wearesc: I know you're a fast guy, so how about speed?

Darius: Yeah, I'd say speed and vision, mixed with power. I try to be an all purpose back. I do it all.

Wearesc: Anything you'd like to work on?

Darius: Work on? Well, you know you can never be too fast.

Wearesc: So what's your current 40 time?

Darius: OK, the fastest I've run is a 4.38.

Wearesc: Size?

Darius: I'm 5-11 and 195.

Wearesc: That's a great combo. Do you play any other sports?

Darius: I do run track. I didn't run last year but I'm running summer track right now.

Wearesc: What are your best marks in Track?

Darius: In the 100, 10.7 and then I run the 4x100.

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