Q & A with De'Von Flournoy

USC RS junior receiver De'Von Flournoy took a few minutes after voluntary passing practice to discuss summer workouts, his goals going into fall camp, and the progress of freshman Nelson Agholor.

How summer workouts are going for you: It's going good. It goes a lot better when we have all participants here and all players are out here, especially after a competitive workout. You come out with a player-only practice and the level of competition is through the roof. It's exhilarating, it's fun, and you get a chance to just work on football.

What are you working on: I'm working on my mind frame because our strength staff has us working on running and getting stronger, so I'm just out here working on my mind frame - just catching passes.

What is it like helping others on your team in a situation like this when coaches aren't allowed at practice: When you've been here for so long you kind of understand the game a little bit better and I'm able to help our DBs, especially our younger DBs, and mistakes that they might make on a certain route that I run. I will always tell the DB the route I ran after the play to help them out, if I beat them or didn't beat them just to help them out. It shows a lot of maturity on my part that I understand what I'm talking about and what I'm doing now, which is good.

Going into the season, what kind of expectations do you have for yourself: My expectations are to be the best role player I can be, wherever I'm needed, whenever my number is called just to show up and get that assignment done.

What are you doing for fun this summer: Right now I'm just playing 2K. I'm 2K champ on the team right now. I'm the best on the team right now so that's what I'm doing, I go house to house and beat everybody and I let them know I'm the best.

Who's second to you: I would have to say Jawanza Starling is probably second to me.

What are you seeing from Nelson Agholor at workouts: The explosion and just the excitement that he has coming to the field early. He's not a player that's going to come in and wait for the opportunity to come to him. He's going to come out and take it. Like I heard Robert say he has the 'it factor' and I see it. Like he wants it, like he's competing with everyone at the highest level and he's not backing down at all.

What's it like as an upperclassman or someone who's been here in the program for a while, when you get freshman who come in and compete - how much more does that make you want to compete: Oh of course, because your job is on the line every year so that pushes me to better myself and not be content with where I am, but also help teach them to reach the same level and make sure they know everything as well so we can be a complete team because it's not about any individual at all.

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