Brown Back to Action

After missing multiple practices, cornerback Anthony Brown is back to full contact practice. On Friday he was taking reps with the first team.

Question:So you've been in and out of camp, right?
Answer: Yes.

Q: Injuries? Any reason?
A: No, just, not injuries, just resting my body ya know, just preventing injuries. I'm happenin' ya know what I mean, so that's about it.

Q: So since you have been in and out of camp, how do you feel about getting into a rhythm with the team?
A: I feel confident, just the communication we have among the DBs, in the meeting room, on the field. So when I'm out here, everything is fast, we play fast out here.

Q: Do you feel like you'll be 100% for season?
A: I'm 100% now.

Q: With Torrin out, obviously you don't want to see any of your fellow players injured, but how do you feel about capitalizing on the open opportunity?
A: I can't speak on that.

Q: Do you feel like it's an opportunity for you to step up?
A: You know, every day is an opportunity. Everyday we come out here is an opportunity. On special teams it's an opportunity on defense. So you know I'm just out here doing what the coach asks me to do.

Q: What's it like being in a unit with Nikell Robey and T.J. McDonald? Do you look up to them?
A: Oh yeah, those two are great leaders, anybody would love to be out there with them guys. They communicate really well, they know the scheme in and out. So I'm just out there with them just competing.

Q: Which receivers do you find the most challenging to defend, and which ones do you feel are especially making you better as a player?
A: Every wide receiver we have. You can't take a player off, you can't take a player out. When you're out there you have to go hard every down. So every wide receiver out there is great.

Q: Out of the freshman cornerbacks who are you seeing stepping up?
A: All of them are stepping up. You know these young guys, they take time but the coaches are getting them better, the coaches are loving it, everyone's getting better out here.

Q: Is there anyone in particular who you see is really shining?
A: All of them, all of them. When they're on the field all of them are making plays, all of them compete. So, it's even to me. I look at them all the same.

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