Q&A With Matt Tuiasosopo

WeAreSC caught up with Woodinville's (WA) Matt Tuiasosopo, considered to be one of the top signal callers on the west coast for the class of 2004. A participant at the Trojan Camp back in June, he gives us the latest on his recruitment.

WeAreSC- What schools are you looking at right now?

Tuiasosopo- "UW, USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Stanford."

WeAreSC- Out of that group, who's offered so far?

Tuiasosopo- "UW, UCLA, and Stanford."

WeAreSC- Does anyone lead?

Tuiasosopo- "I'm interested in all of them right now. I'm open. I'm still open to a lot of schools."

WeAreSC- What factors are you looking at in choosing a school?

Tuiasosopo- "First off, academics. Second, the school that I'm going to pick, they have to compete for the national championship. Also, with the schools, I want to see if they can help me get ready for the next level if I get the opportunity, if that's the NFL or MLB."

WeAreSC- Will distance from home be a factor?

Tuiasosopo- "I don't think it's that big of a factor."

WeAreSC- What about early playing time?

Tuiasosopo- "You know, I'm looking at it like wherever I go, I'm going to compete, but we'll see what happens with that later."

WeAreSC- What has you interested in USC?

Tuiasosopo- "I enjoyed watching them last year. I actually had a chance to work out with Carson last summer at the Elite 11. I like what they're doing there with Coach Carroll and Coach Chow, and I enjoyed myself at the camp. Like I said, I think their program is doing really good right now, so I'm interested in them."

WeAreSC- You mentioned the Trojan Camp. Talk about that experience.

Tuiasosopo- "The day I went there, we did a bunch of drills and it was also game day, so the second half of the day we played a game in the Coliseum and that was pretty neat. They said that they enjoyed having me at the camp, so it was pretty cool for me."

WeAreSC- Which coaches do you talk to from USC and what have they had to say?

Tuiasosopo- "Coach Pola and Coach Chow. They've said that they're interested and that they're happy to hear that I'm open. You know, a lot of schools think that I'm a lock to UW. They said that they like what they've seen, they've seen my game tape."

WeAreSC- Talk a little about your interest in UW. On the one hand, you have a brother there right now, but there's also the uncertainty with the coaching situation. Where do they stand?

Tuiasosopo- "I'm still interested in them, it's just going to be interesting to see what happens. I'm definitely going to consider if they stick with Gilberston or what they do. So, I'm going to see what happens."

WeAreSC- With your dad having gone to UCLA, what's your thinking on them right now?

Tuiasosopo- "UCLA is also a good program. I went to a day of their camp too. Coach Axeman came from UW, and he's the offensive coordinator there. I know him pretty well. He's a great coach. I've worked out with him before. Also my dad went there, so there's some stuff there. I remember growing up watching UCLA play. They always had some pretty good teams. I remember the O'Bannon brothers and basketball."

WeAreSC- What do you think your strengths are as a quarterback?

Tuiasosopo- "I see myself as more of a mobile quarterback. A lot of coaches say I'm not a drop back kind of quarterback. I can scramble a little bit and I can use that to help me. I'm pretty quick. I run a 4.53 forty. I'm pretty strong I think, I'm trying to increase my arm strength a little bit. I think that will help a lot."

WeAreSC- You brought up baseball earlier. What kind of role will that sport play in your decision?

Tuiasosopo- "I plan on playing both wherever I go, so that's going to be a big factor. I play shortstop and I also pitch a little. I've talked to a few baseball coaches. I actually talked to the SC coaches while I was down there. When I was at the camp, during the lunch break, I went and talked to them. It went well. It was nice."

WeAreSC- What are you up to for the rest of the summer?

Tuiasosopo- "I'm going to attend the Elite 11 quarterback camp. I'll be doing that and then for baseball I have Area Code down in Long Beach. It's a baseball showcase. The team I'm playing for is the Seattle Mariners. They draw a camp for people from the Pacific Northwest, but there's teams from the whole nation. I attended it last year too. It's pretty neat. That's August 4th to the 9th I think."

WeAreSC- Are you going to check out either of the local schools while you're down for the camps?

Tuiasosopo- "I'm not sure yet."

WeAreSC- What's your current height and weight?

Tuiasosopo- "6'2 and 205."

WeAreSC- Is there a chance you might make an early verbal, or do you want to take your trips and go through the process?

Tuiasosopo- "I don't have a timeline. I'm just kind of enjoying the ride right now I guess you could say. There's no timeline right now."

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