Fall Camp Finale: Transcript & Stats

Saturday marked the end of fall camp as the Trojans transition to game preparation on Sunday...Lane Kiffin addressed the media following Saturday's scrimmage, below is the transcript as well as stats from the day.

Opening Statement:
Sidenote before we get going, the players did vote captains, they voted for Matt Barkley, T.J. McDonald, Khaled Holmes, and Nickell Robey. So those will be your captains for the upcoming season. I thought it was pretty neat to add Khaled and Nickell in there to two returning captains. So I think it's a good group that leads extremely well and they had a lot of votes for a reason.

As far as the scrimmage, I thought it was really a productive scrimmage I thought that they did a really good job for the most part with substitutions from offense to defense to special teams. I thought that they did a really good job for the most part of lining up in general in all three phases of the game. I'm very pleased with how it went I'm very pleased with how the skilled guys on offense clicked together, they really looked in sync. So it was really productive and I think we stayed really healthy.

Junior Pomee seemed like he had a breakout day today, is he back in that competition for third tight end or is it kind of too late?
Well, we brought him over with us and he lined up wrong twice and wasted a time out. So it was good to see him make plays but you don't get to read off cards and have the plays told to you every time. Junior's got a long ways to go, but obviously he's very talented and it's our job to get him focused.

Is that his main issue at this point? Him knowing where he's supposed to be? Yeah he's extremely inconsistent, up and down. And he's been that way ever since he's been here, so he's got a lot of work to do and we've got a lot of work to do with him. Hopefully it will come together because he could be a really good player.

Do you think there's a good chance of him coming together and developing into a consistent, reliable player? Yeah I think so, but we think that way with everybody. We'll do everything we can to make that happen.

Do you have any ultra-talented but inconsistent players that you'd group into that same category with Pomee? I'd say, you've got an extremely high percentage of a team that's really maximizing what they can do on offense, defense and special teams. Who knows their stuff, are very mature and so where before where we had a lot more guys that we were trying to get turned over onto the consistency side, we don't have many of those guys now.

How long before Marquis Simmons and Brian Baucham can start practicing in full?
Brian could, I think Marquis has another day, -- he has two more days of just shoulder pads and then he goes full I think.

How did you feel Max (Wittek) and Cody (Kessler) played and have you made any determination on that? I thought they played really well. They handled thing really well in the huddle. You know regardless of who you're going against you've still got to perform. It was really good to see. They both did a really good job but I don't have any information on movement.

Anything to be read into the fact that Max was first up?
Not at all. We've rotated those guys up for over a year now.

Was there anyone on the scout team besides Junior that stood out to you today?
I don't think offhand anybody, but we'll go back and watch film.

Chad Wheeler had a sac…
Chad wheeler did. They were running out of numbers over there so they flopped him onto the other side. That's nothing permanent.

Where do you go with defensive now, talking about numbers, do you have a backup plan?
Well there's no magic formula, there's no free agency. We just have to figure it out.

Jeff Miller played a little defensive tackle today was that a situational thing or is he going to move there? No just a situational thing with the numbers.

I know you're practicing tomorrow, but do you feel like this is the end of camp for you? Do you start moving forward now for Hawaii?
Yeah I mean obviously camp gets long at times, the days are long. So this is really time, we just talked about that, it's time to go. I told them college football season for us, starts tomorrow.

How much of today was needed because of what happened last Sunday at the Coliseum?
Well I think today was needed just period. It was just needed because of the substitutions, everybody on the same sideline, the format before was offense defense on different sidelines so you can't get a feel for the special teams and the way the game goes an the communication regardless.

Was that really what you were trying to get out of today? Just getting in that type of a flow?
Yeah, got to see these guys communicate, got to see the game management for the coaches too as well you've got a couple new coaches, so I think it was very successful

I know it's all projections at this point and you don't really know who's going to redshirt and not, but would guess that you wouldn't be able to redshirt as high a percentage of guys as you have the last couple of years because of the numbers situation?
No doubt. I don't think you're going to see many guys redshirt at all.

Statistics from the Scrimmage

Barkley 8/12, 140 yds, 2 td, 1 int
Wittek 5/7 for 101 yds, 1 td
Kessler 12/15 for 129 yds, 2 tds

McNeal, 3 carries for 77 yds

Lee 6 for 96 yds, 1 td
Woods 4 for 116 yds, 1 td
Agholor 4 for 74 yds, 1 td
Flournoy 4 for 28 yds

Woods 7 yds from Barkley
Redd 2 yds from Barkley
Heidari 36 yd FG
Lee 58 yds from Wittek
Cope Fitzpatrick 15 yds from Kessler
Agholor 42 yds from Kessler

7 (Matt Barkley), 7 (T.J. McDonald), 21 (Nickell Robey), 78 (Khaled Holmes)
Matt is first ever three-time captain at USC

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