Captains Step Up Before Hawaii

Going into the season opener, first year captain Nickell Robey is helping lead the team alongside senior captains Matt Barkley, TJ McDonald and Khaled Holmes.

The 2012 season captains, Matt Barkley, T.J. McDonald, Khaled Holmes, and Nickell Robey, are gearing up to lead the team into their first season game.

"I think it's a good group that leads extremely well and they had a lot of votes for a reason," said head coach Lane Kiffin after last weekend's scrimmage.

After a tough fall camp, the team is now has laser focus on Hawaii, feeling confident, but working hard for the season opener.

"Oh we're feeling good, we're just staying prepared, prepping up for the game, doing all the small details," he said, "we went through our ups and downs in training camp so now we're just trying to see the finished product."

Junior Nickell Robey is humbled by his nomination to be a first year captain.

"I feel great, it's an honor. But life moves on, as much is given, much is required, so I try to keep that in mind," Robey said.

After coming on and performing as a true freshman, with 111 career tackles and 6 career interceptions, Robey has earned his spot among seniors like Barkley, Holmes and McDonald.

"I feel like I've paid my dues, and the team feels like I've paid my dues obviously," he said, "they think I'm fit for business."

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