Malone wins punting competition

Incoming Trojan punter Tom Malone wins punting competition

Trojan verbal commit Tom Malone won the punting portion of the recent Inland Empire Kicking and Punting competition held at Colton HS with a performance that saw him average an amazing 56.3 yards per kick with an average hang time of 4.69 seconds.

"It was a good day, I had a lot of fun," said Malone. "They had us punt 10 balls each and I had a long of 69 yards and a 5.42 hang time and a short of 48 yards and 4.2 hang time. There was a high school section and a college section for the punters and I won the high school and the overall award. I also took part in the kicking competition and made 7 out of 10 field goals but didn't win. When we were messing around after the competition I hit two field goals from 60 yards though." Top Stories