Alvin/Richard Marshall update

A recruiting update on RB Alvin Marshall from El Camino College and his brother CB Richard Marshall from Locke HS.

Alvin Marshall may have been the best kept secret in CA HS football last year. It seemed only Nebraska knew about this hidden talent, that is, until the CA-FL all star game. Out of nowhere, this kid from Locke HS was making would-be tacklers from Florida look silly. They just couldn't get a hand on him. Well, his ride to Neb didn't work out for one reason or another and now Marshall is at El Camino JC.
I had a chance to speak with Alvin and he tells me that he will play RB and slot back this upcoming season and plans to be at a D-1 school next year. When I asked him if he was still headed to Lincoln he told me: "I'm still talking to Nebraska, but there are other schools that I'm looking at too." Would SC happen to be one of those schools? "Yeah, they're in my top five". Do you have a leader? "No" What do you like about SC? " I dunno, there's just something about them. Maybe it's because I know half of the team from the CA-FL game. They're my real good friends. Having played with them and knowing them, SC just seems like a fun team to play for." What do you currently run the forty in? "I can run a 4.3 with no problem, I was timed at 10.61 the last time I ran the 100."
Tell me about your brother, Richard. " He's got SC in his top five, Nebraska, and I can't think of his other schools off hand." How do you guys compare? " He's taller, but I'm heavier and faster. I really can't compare our play on the field because he plays defense and I play offense." How big are you? "5'9"1/2 and 182 lbs." Are you and your brother a package deal? "We could be, we haven't talked about it, but we would go our separate ways if we liked different schools."
Expect Alvin to be one of the top JC recruits in CA for next year. I think he make a great HB/slot back at the next level. He combines tremendous shakes and speed with excellent hands and as an added bonus, he's a real nice kid who was a pleasure to talk to. Top Stories