USC Quotes on Cal

No. 13 USC welcomes California to the Coliseum on Saturday. The Trojans are looking for their ninth straight win over the Bears.

USC Coach Lane Kiffin
On California running a similar system as Stanford
They do. I think they're a very talented team in general in all three phases. A lot of high-profile recruits over the last three to four years. (They have) some guys on defense that give you some issues in the front. If you count number 40 (linebacker Chris McCain) as being a down guy, they're front five, there's some pretty dominant players in there that gave people a lot of issues last year, including us at times in the game last year. (It's) another complicated defense.

On the improvement of quarterback Zach Maynard
I think Zach played his best game that I've seen on film last Saturday. He played really well in a tough game, on the road, early kickoff, packed house there, good defense. I think that you can tell that he's improved. He was benched in the first game for the beginning of it. He's responded and played really well.

On the play of junior receiver Keenan Allen
I think Keenan causes you such issues because of the size. He's a big physical receiver that can run really well. Not too many big guys return punts. That says a lot about him. Any time you have those guys that give you mismatch issues with size, but also, they can run with anybody.

On Cal's other receivers…
Yeah, Bryce (Treggs) really stepped in as we know that is hard to do as a true freshman to make plays, lineup, and fit right in. so it says a lot about him.

If this game could be a defensive struggle because Kiffin and Cal Coach Jeff Tedford are so familiar with each other…
I don't know that. If you do study, over the years, there's been some lower scoring games than average compared to the rest of the conference that we play. So there may be something to, but also now we face their defense for a few years and they're facing our defense for a number of years but there must be something to it because there has been a number of lower scoring games, comparable to our normal games and theirs.

On what he sees of Cal's running game with sophomore Brendan Bigelow and other backs…
I think you have three guys that really cause you issues. We thought it was two going into last week and then they gave the ball to Bigelow and he was so explosive and so fast on those runs and hard to tackle – on returns also – so anytime you have three quality backs you get worried about getting worn down if they run the ball really efficient.

If Stanford provided a blueprint on how to defend USC that other teams can use…
I don't think that. I think they showed a blueprint of how to play really good defense regardless of who you play. Very physical, tackled really well, and dominated the line of scrimmage. Football has been played for a long time and when you win up front you win a lot of games. And when your defensive line can get a rush like that it makes any quarterback not play as well as they normally do and that was really the story. I don't think it was as much scheme as much as it really was they played really really hard and they tackled really well.

How is it that USC is on an eight game run over Cal?
There have been some close games along the ways. Some we had to win towards the end, like the one down here with Aaron at quarterback, so some could go either way. I don't really have a theory on that other than our guys have played really well when we've played them.

Offensive Line Coach James Cregg
If Stanford helps them prepare for Cal…
No question. They're aggressive. They do a good job. They're well-coached. We have got to be thorough and prepared and they do a great job.

Receiver Robert Woods
On what he sees from Cal…

A lot of experience. They have two corners (Marc Anthony and Steve Williams) who play well, aggressive corners.

Quarterback Matt Barkley
On what he's seen of Cal's defense on film…

They play a lot of similar stuff to Stanford, just in terms of structure. They get after it as well and so we're not taking them lightly at all. They play a lot of bear with an under front similar to what Stanford does, so it will be a smooth transition, but won't take them lightly.

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