Kiffin Says Markowitz Will Play a Role

USC fifth-year senior Abe Markowitz has barely seen the field during his time as a Trojan after redshirting and being plagued by injury. But this season, his last, could prove to be the one he's waited for.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Abe Markowitz has put in his time and his opportunity is finally here.

It might not be under the imaginable circumstances, given it has come due to injuries to teammates, but it's a chance nonetheless.

And the fifth year senior is proving to Coach Lane Kiffin that he's ready for it.

"I've always wanted and desired to play in every game," Markowitz said after practice this week. "Now, hopefully I'll be getting the chance to do that."

The offensive lineman got his first career start against California, playing left guard in place of the unavailable Marcus Martin. He moved to center in the fourth quarter, when fellow senior Khaled Holmes left the game, appearing to re-aggravate an ankle injury.

Kiffin doesn't know if Markowitz will return to the starting lineup for the Trojans, but he is certain he will have a role. "I know that we'd like to keep him playing," he said. "Regardless of who's starting, who's up, who's down that week, he's going to play."

After his performance against the Bears, Kiffin couldn't help but to admit that he wondered what kind of difference Markowitz could have made if he had been available to play against Stanford. "We have a lot of confidence in him at all three of those spots," he explained, "both guard and the center. A lot of credit to Abe."

Kiffin noted that Markowitz is putting in work behind the scenes in the film room, often at 10pm at night long after his teammates have gone home for the evening. "I walked by the offensive line meeting room," he said, "and he's in there, by himself, watching film."

"I will keep preparing," Markowitz said. "I was prepared last week, and I'm doing that this week again and will continue to do that for all the future games that I have here."

A Trojan since 2008, Markowitz's time seems to finally be here.

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