Iron Sharpens Iron

Recruited and groomed by Robert Woods and Marqise Lee, freshman Nelson Agholor has earned the third receiving spot for the Trojans.

Freshman Nelson Agholor has locked in USC's third receiving spot over returning receivers De'Von Flournoy, George Farmer and Victor Blackwell. However the newest addition to the Trojans powerhouse receiving corps is not taking his foot off the gas.

"I don't think there's any concrete spots on this team, we're going to compete every day out here," Agholor said. "Right now I'm just fighting every day to continue to play."

The Florida transplant is now competing for playing time behind Robert Woods and Marqise Lee, two of the talented players who played a large role in his recruitment and ultimate decision to come to USC.

"It feels great [to be playing with them]," he said. "Not only are they my teammates but they're two good friends who take care of me on and off the field."

As the freshman transitions to college life, he continues to realize the opportunities football has brought him aren't just limited to the field.

"It's something that's always given me sort of passageway to other things, and to a better life in many ways," he said. "Football has done a lot of great things for myself and probably for a lot of guys on this team."

"This is a place where iron sharpens iron," he continued. "We really just get each other better."

As the Trojans prepare to take on Washington this weekend he hopes to take advantage of big plays when the opportunity comes.

As for his long-term goals, Agholor said, "I'm just going to take it as far as it wants to take me."

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