Getting His Mind Right

USC placekicker Andre Heidari is usually reliable, but missed two field goals in the Trojans' win at Utah. Heidari admits his mind wasn't right and he's correcting his mistake going forward...

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- USC sophomore Andre Heidari had only missed two field goals in his 17 career-attempts at USC. That is, until a week ago on the road at Utah, when he missed two in one game.

They were uncharacteristic mistakes for the Trojans' placekicker during what seems to have been an uncharacteristic night.

Kevin Carden contributed to this report.

On the first kick, Heidari says he didn't get his plant foot in the right direction and on the second, he just pushed the ball.

Fundamentally those were the issues. Heidari also said, those weren't the problems that causes the misses, at all.

"I mean just really straightforward, my head wasn't in the game really," he explained to reporters after practice this week. "I was just thinking about other things and it's not what I do, it's not how my mindset comes into the game so I mean that was my fault."

He even apologized for his actions.

Coach Lane Kiffin says he spoke with Heidari following the loss because of his concern not only for the missed field goals, but also from Heidari's observed behavior from others on his staff.

Kiffin said Heidari was yelling at the Utah fans who were feet away from him in the stands as well as showing too much emotion during the game. "It's a learning experience for him," Kiffin said. "The good thing was that in our conversation he knew it. He knew he was wrong and it won't be an issue again."

Heidari will have a chance to prove his coach right on Saturday at Washington. For the second straight week, the Trojans will be playing in front of one of the most hostile crowds in the Pac-12.

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