Albert Toeaina update

An update on Trojan OL recruit Albert Toeaina

Albert Toeaina may be the hottest OL prospect on the West Coast right now. He was relative unknown going into the Stanford Nike camp, but that is no longer the case. He was tabbed the top OL in Palo Alto that day, beating out big time names including Derek Landri and Fred Matua. Toeaina is now considered to be a top 100 national prospect, and he has schools all over the nation battling for his services.

I had a chance to speak with Albert tonight and he tells me that right now, his favorite schools in order are: " Washington, LSU, USC, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon St. and Notre Dame." Do you know a lot about USC? "Yeah, I know a lot, I know a lot about the tradition and stuff." Ever been down there? "Yeah I went down for their OL and DL camp. " What do you like about USC? " The coaches. They spent a lot of time on us." Any coach in particular? "Coach Uperesa, Pete Carroll, and Wayne Moses." Have you set up any visits yet? " Not yet." When do you think you'll do that? "When my season is over." Did you have a favorite team growing up? " Yeah, I liked North Carolina. I thought I was gonna be a basketball player, but then I just blew up and now I'm 335 pounds." So, how long have you been playing football for? "Three years, I started as a freshman in HS." So you might say that you're relatively new to the game? Maybe you have some more to learn? Do you think you could get a lot better? " Yeah, I think so." Did you have a favorite player growing up? "Michael Jordan." Sorry, I meant to say football player! " Oh, I like Larry Allen, Marcus Allen." What are you putting up these days? "My bench is 410, my squat is 530, and my forty time is 5.19." Are you working out this summer? " Yeah, I'm lifting and doing plyometrics, they're gonna time my forty tomorrow." What do you think is the strength of your game? "I've got good footwork and I'm pretty strong." Do you think you'll commit early, or are you going to take all of your trips? "Oh I'm definitely going to take all of my trips."

The thing I love about this kid is how he's built. As you can tell from the picture, he somehow carries that weight on a TE's frame. No belly or spare tire on this kid. He's lean, mean, and approximately the size of a small building. What more do you need? He may be the only guy in this year's class to rival Winston Justice in terms of upside. He knows about our tradition and has us in his top 3. I think that with a solid season, we might be able to pass up Washington and LSU for his services. Time will tell..........

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