Notebook, Tuesday Practice

No. 18 USC is coming off a 39-36 upset at Arizona, falling to 6-2 on the season, as they prepare to host No. 2 Oregon this Saturday. The Trojans got back to work on Tuesday to prepare for the Ducks.

Disappointed, Not Shocked
Obviously USC didn't travel to Tucson expecting to lose, but the team also wasn't shocked when it did.

"I think we learned from that Stanford loss how to handle something like that," said Matt Barkley after practice Tuesday. "We've bounced back stronger."

The way the Trojans handled the loss at Arizona, both immediately after the game and even into Tuesday, greatly differed from how they coped with the situation at Stanford. Saturday night didn't necessarily feel like a funeral and Tuesday's practice didn't produce a team in mourning.

"I think there was a little more shock in that first loss because we weren't expecting it," Barkley continued to explain. "But guys are bouncing back and are ready to go right now."

"We all know we screwed up last week," Coach Lane Kiffin said. "We should've won the game. We're moving forward."

The Lowlight Reel
USC committed 13 penalties, resulting in 117 lost yards in their 39-36 loss at Arizona. The Trojans are the most penalized team in college football, now ranking last in both the number of penalties per game and penalty yards per game.

When asked after the upset-loss what else he can do to instill discipline in his team, Kiffin said "I'm open for any suggestions."

He burned the midnight candle Saturday, staying up until the early hours of Sunday morning to create a sort of highlight reel, which he hopes resonated with his team and will turn the Trojans' penalty problem around.

Truth be told, however, it's actually more of a lowlight reel.

The USC coach compiled film of every game this season and nearly every penalty, showing what each individual infraction cost in terms of yards, points, and even injuries.

"It was pretty quiet, everybody just sitting there watching the dumb mistakes that we've made," Robert Woods said of the team's reaction when watching the reel.

"(We saw) just little things that really hurt the team," Barkley added.

"(I'm) completely shocked that we're still having these conversations at this point in the year," Kiffin told reporters after practice Tuesday, as he continued to field questions about penalties. "Sometime you have them the first couple weeks, with newer players or guys making mistakes. But to see the same ones repeated over and over is really disappointing and it cost us a game."

Hopefully for Kiffin, he instilled some shock in his players after seeing the film. And perhaps, this week his players even realized "rock bottom" really can't get any lower.

Too Much Pride
Though most of the team, including Kiffin, can't provide an explanation why the penalties continue to be a reoccurring problem this season, Robert Woods didn't mince words after practice, laying his theory on the line.

"We have too much pride," he said. Yes, Woods is saying the Trojans have too much pride to hustle back to the line of scrimmage when the opposing team takes a cheap shot or talks trash a little too long.

Instead of walking away, USC players have come to the point where they feel they need react and even retaliate.

Woods spoke of senior T.J. McDonald's penalty, when he drew a flag Saturday for taunting as he stood over an Arizona player well after the whistle. Woods said McDonald apologized to the team for the personal foul, but that the team also understood that McDonald thought he was protecting his band of brothers, not letting them down.

However, after watching the film of all of the penalties, Woods agrees that it's time for the Trojans to "do better" and leave the penalties behind.

Quick Hits
The Trojans practiced in full pads Tuesday…Referees took the field during drills…Marqise Lee did not practice due to a midterm.

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