Bigelow, 'It's hitting me now'

USC 2013 commit Kenny Bigelow took his official visit over the weekend. The five-star defensive tackle recaps his trip and provides first hand insight about the trips of two top recruits the Trojans still hope to land commitments from.

Five-star defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow visited USC for the last time over the weekend as a recruit.

The next time he comes to Los Angeles won't be long from now and it will be for good.

He's graduating early from Elkton (Md.) Tri-State Christian Academy and will be a student-athlete at USC on January 10th as an early enrollee.

"I am excited, it's kind of hitting me now," Bigelow said after returning home from his official visit. "It wasn't hitting me before but it's definitely starting to feel real."

Bigelow made the trip to Troy multiple times, but said his official visit felt different. "This was actually my first time coming out there and having free time with the guys," he said.

He was able to build on an already strong relationship with defense tackle Leonard Williams. The two met at an Auburn camp during Bigelow's sophomore year and it seems to be a relationship that will continue to grow.

"I had a fun time hanging out with [Williams] and the rest of the guys on the team," Bigelow said. "It was a good experience."

Though the trip showcased the student-life aspect of a USC student, Bigelow also took in a Trojan practice alongside fellow recruits Leon McQuay and Desmond Harrison. He says they are both guys he would like to see as Trojans.

"He's a real laid back and reserved kid," Bigelow said of the four-star safety McQuay. "Once he started posting up he was actually a really funny guy." "His mom had a smile on her face during everything we did and stuff like that," Bigelow explained. "So I don't know if he'll be a Trojan but I know he enjoyed it."

At 6-foot-3 and 280 pounds Bigelow certainly stood out on the sideline of practice, but even he looked small next to Desmond Harrison, the 6-foot-8 320-pound Contra Costa JC offensive lineman who was also on an official.

"He's a big guy, a real big guy," Bigelow said. "He's big time, he was having just as much fun as I was, already seemed like he was a part of the team like I was, he liked it a lot. He's a real cool dude, down to earth kid, I like him too."

Bigelow says liked the practice he saw, given its up-tempo pace and the appearance that practice was a time to "get things done."

As far as his future role with the team, "I could see myself playing at the three-spot," he explained, "helping out wherever help is needed."

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