BLOG: Morning updates from East practice

Army All-American Bowl practice rolled on this morning. Four USC commits were in action for the East team, check out the blog updates here.

East practice
12:00 PM Update
That's a wrap for lunch.

11:36 PM Update
Full team action now. Rodgers at left guard. Ramsey is starting on the right side of the field at corner. Bigelow just got his hands on the quarterback.

Recruiting rumor, Rodgers might not stick at USC. I'm making a bee-line for him after practice.

Virginia commit Taquan Mizzel just caught a pass over Jalen Ramsey, only action I've seen completed to Ramsey's side of the field today. Rodgers is doing an excellent job at left-guard protecting the quarterback - no pressure from his side.

Some insights on the West team, an Army source says Su'a Cravens has a shoulder problem. Will be interesting to see if he takes part in any action this week.

11:20 PM Update
Quarterbacks on this east team are struggling, slowing these drills down.

I'd like to give you a few comparisons to the West team, who I watched all day yesterday, but blals are being thrown nowhere near receivers. As far as the line goes, these defensive linemen look a bit bigger than guys on the West, with exception of Vanderdoes.

7-on-7 drills now for skills guys, instructional time for the linemen.

This team better hope their running backs are ready to carry the load. 7-on-7 is a snooze with the quarterbacks' inability to hit a target.

11:05 PM Update
Agility drills over, time for some football. Been updating the message boards – be sure to check out the publisher boards for other insights.

Rodgers is at left guard.

Been hearing from our FOX Sports NEXT crew who was at East practice yesterday that the quarterbacks were struggling with the snaps, not a function of the snaps, but rather the quarterbacks' lack of ability to handle the exchange.

One-on-one drills now underway, receivers vs. DBs. Right eye is staying on Ramsey. Left eye on the defensive commits.

Other end of the field it's the linemen facing each other. Bigelow looks physically superior, just broke through the o-line to pressure the quarterback.

National recruiting analyst Alan Trieu just piped up on Jason Hatcher, "he's good, he's athletic, he's a pass rush guy. Bad against the run."

10:34 AM Update
Get this, a man just walked into the press box to take pictures, he's from Germany. He's with a group of kids from Austria, Germany, and even South Africa who traveled here to watch these bowl practices. They'll be at the combine on Friday, he says they are trying to figure out what makes these guys so good. They are the "All-Star" team from Europe and will also be playing Canada while over here from Europe. Wild.

10:14 AM Update
Splitting up offense and defense now for the remainder of warmups. Spotted Kenny Bigelow, he's not hard to miss.

Opposite side of the field, four-star cornerback Jalen Ramsey is warming up. Looks long and lean.

10:04 AM Update
Sometimes it seems as though I'm more of a meteorologist than a sports reporter, but doesn't the weather always play an important role in the day?

You know where this is going, cold, windy and looks like rain showers are in the future today. I'm at Heroes Stadium and for those of you who haven't seen a Texas high school facility, it's just like in the movies. Nicer than a lot of small college program.

The East team is out on the field going through warm-ups and stretching. Four USC commits on the East, including Kenny Bigelow, Jason Hatcher, Jalen Ramsey, and Khaliel Rodgers.

Spotted Rodgers right away from a distance. Now, I'm on the third floor of the press box, but he looks a bit like Antwaun Woods-body type from here, a bit slighter.

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