BLOG: Afternoon updates from East practice

It was a slow day two at the East team practice at the Army All-American Bowl until full team drills got underway late into the afternoon. Khaliel Rodgers and Jason Hatcher started to really show their competitive side.

East practice
Time to run downstairs and get some interviews.

2:49 PM Update
Finally, we've got action!

Full team play right now.

Sack by Bigelow.

FIGHT! Jason Hatcher and Ohio State commit Evan Lisle just got into a scuffle at midfield before teammates broke it up.

Hatcher followed that up with some nice pressure on the quarterback.

Alabama commit Jonathan Allen and Kenny Bigelow just teamed up to apply the pressure and getting another sack.

Khaliel Rodgers and the uncommitted Keith Bryant just got into a scuffle on the field. Rodgers is one beefy guy out there, just looks flat out strong. What is it with the SC commits getting into tussles today? Frustration over the Sun Bowl loss finding its way to San Antonio?

Nice pass-breakup by Jalen Ramsey. He's really shining on his side of the field – when the offense decides to throw it that way.

2:39 PM Update
Splitting up the field again. Offense on one end, defense on the other. Lots of standing around. Walk-thru situations.

2:27 PM Update
7-on-7 drills now.

"I do like No. 7's hands" Randy just said. Yes, USC fans, No. 7 is cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

No balls were thrown to Ramsey's side.

2:13 PM Update
Randy Taylor is back in the pressbox with me today. According to Randy, Rodgers won't have any problem getting leverage. The reason being? Listed at 6'3"…plus or minus a few. "But he does certainly look powerful."

Randy has been watching Hatcher since he was a freshman, "he is an intelligent kid, loves the game, and competes, pretty good athlete," he says.

2:03 PM Update
The biggest cheers of the day, really the only sign of life today, was after a 47-yard field goal by Temple-commit Jim Cooper. Nothing like a kicker to bring life to the party (lest not forget how quickly they can crash it, too).

1:55 PM Update
Kenny Bigelow is on the sidelines doing an interview with a member of the Army. Khaliel Rodgers is once again lining up at left guard.

1:40 PM Update
Special teams action to start the afternoon. Guys came back from lunch noticeable wearing warmer clothes than they left in, hooded sweatshirts under their jerseys. Gusty cold conditions continue here in San Antonio, though the sun is peaking through.

Randy Taylor is the Director of Recruiting at NCSA Athletic Recruiting and has over 30 years of experience in college football including time on the staffs at Illinois, UCLA, and Minnesota.

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