Analysis: USC commits on East team shine

FOX Sports NEXT National Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu joins Lindsey Thiry to break down the performances of the four USC commits on the East team at the Army All-American Bowl through the first two days of practice.

Kenny Bigelow:
"From the first few minutes of practice, we said who is that big guy moving around so well and it was Kenny Bigelow. He doesn't look like an athlete because he's so big and wide and then you see him move around and see some of the explosion he has and you see why he was so highly recruited. Did well in the one-on-ones, made a couple of plays in the backfield when they went into team stuff. Overall, he's had a good two days." – Allen Trieu

Khaliel Rodgers:
"Our director of scouting at FOX Sports NEXT Scott Kennedy was out here and said he thinks we need to have the four-star Rodgers a little higher. He's another guy like Kenny when you watch him walk onto the field and he's kind of a shorter wider guy, he doesn't look getting off the bus like a four or five-star guy would, but he came out here and played like an absolute animal. The thing about him is that he's got kind of the nasty demeanor you like to see in offensive linemen. He's putting guys in the dirt, I thought he was the best offensive lineman here yesterday." – Allen Trieu

Jason Hatcher:
"He's very athletic. I had the change to see him during the season, too. He's an edge rusher, again another guy who is not real big. He's compact and very athletic, very light on his feet. You watch him run through some of the footwork drills and some of the bag drills that linemen do and he looks like one of the best. I think he's going to be a pure pass-rusher." – Allen Trieu

Jalen Ramsey
"He absolutely looks like a guy that can play early right away. He has the size, he has the technique, he has the speed. I think he has been the best defensive back out here in a really strong group of defensive backs. So if they need a guy to play early, he certainly looks like he has all the prerequisites." – Allen Trieu

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