Freshmen practice

The freshmen held practice this morning on Howard Jones Field

The Trojan freshmen held practice today on an absolutely beautiful morning at Howard Jones Field and in attendance on the day were the following players:

Matt Leinart

Billy Hart

Darryl Poston

David Kirtman

William Buchanan

Greg Carlson

Kolo Kapanui

David Boler

Devin Pitts

Grant Mattos

Shaun Cody

Jason Wardlow

Mike Patterson

Austin Jackson

Bobby Otani

Colin Ashton

Matt Hayward

John Walker

David Davis

Zach Sherwood (walk on punter)

Another walk on, Tyler Thompson, was scheduled to be part of the team this fall but had a recent change of heart and will not be on the team.

The day started off with plenty of agility and conditioning drills as the players reported in shorts and shoulder pads. They then broke into 3 groups for some defensive drills and then into offensive groups as players participated on both sides of the ball to fill out drills due to the limited number of players.

Among those who stood out so far are Grant Mattos, Shaun Cody, Jason Wardlow, Mike Patterson and Austin Jackson. Mattos is at 220 lbs with huge arms and he ran terrific routes, based on the looks of his practice today and the reports from teammates in summer drills it looked like the Trojans may have a real steal in Mattos. The entire defensive line looked good as Ed Orgeron was grinning as he walked off the field. Patterson has such quick feet for a man his size while Cody (sporting a nice SC tatoo on his right arm) and Wardlow are obviously players who can make an impact on the line. Jackson showed the best footwork of any of the linebackers during drills.

Leinart and Hart spent time with Norm Chow going over footwork drills and both quarterbacks looked OK during a brief throwing session. One interesting player could be Kapanui, he reported at 6-4, 250 lbs and he is at TE right now but is enough of an athlete that he could eventually receive looks on both sides of the line.

It was hot during the practice and Pete Carroll took no chances by having plenty of water breaks throughout the day as well as trainers stationed at every drill with water for the players. The heat didn't stop Carroll and 4 other coaches from running wind sprints after the players had left the field and headed to the locker room. The freshmen will practice again this afternoon and then take tomorrow off for an academic orientation day. Top Stories