Manuel Wright update

An update on USC recruit Manuel Wright

At a self-reported "6'7 and 315 pounds", Manuel Wright of Long Beach Poly has the size and strength to dominate the line of scrimmage at his defensive tackle spot. Wright is anything but one-dimensional however as he is also incredibly quick and fast for such a big guy, running a 4.8 40 yard dash. It's this combination of talents that has given Wright the reputation for being perhaps the top defensive tackle in the country. I had a chance to talk to Wright tonight about how his summer is going and his current college favorites.

In addition to lifting weights and running with the team during the summer, Wright has added an extra twist to his workout by running up and down sand dunes. This is an extremely exhausting workout that some pro and college athletes swear by. In fact, Wright runs at the same dunes where current Buccaneer Keyshawn Johnson started running the summer before his senior year at USC. Johnson credited his increased stamina in the fourth quarter his senior year to these workouts, so look for Wright to be even more dominating next year. Wright also spent some time at the USC camp this summer and enjoyed his time there.

On the recruiting front, Wright reported that his current favorites include "USC, FSU, Miami, and Washington", in no particular order. He has offers from all four of his favorites and explained that "the depth chart" and academics are the factors he is looking at most in regards to the University he chooses. He is looking specifically at the Communications program at each school as that is what he wants to major in. Wright also stated that he plans on taking all of his trips before he decides, so don't look for him to commit anywhere soon. Top Stories