Dunk City USC grounded before takeoff

Florida Gulf Coast wishes its best to former head coach Andy Enfield, but says "Dunk City" is staying in Fort Myers, Florida...

So long, #DunkCityUSC…

Though Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield is now at USC and is bringing his high-flying brand of basketball with him, the Trojans will not be adopting the nickname "Dunk City".

The Florida Gulf Coast team earned the moniker during their historic run as a No. 15 seed in this year's NCAA Tournament, when they upset Georgetown and San Diego State in slam-dunking fashion.

Florida Gulf Coast athletic director Kevin Kavanagh told NaplesNews.com, "There is only one Dunk City, USA. It's inappropriate for USC to (use the term), and I will let USC know that."

The Trojans splashed #DunkCityUSC on the school's official athletics website and Twitter account when the hiring of Enfield was announced.

Since learning of Kavanagh's displeasure of the moniker moving across country with Enfield, USC athletic director Pat Haden has decided USC won't in fact be dubbed "Dunk City".

"They have a right to [withhold the moniker]," Haden said after Enfield introductory press conference. "We're going to create our own moniker. Somebody will figure it out with how we play next year."

Haden says he did not speak with Kavanagh directly, but did hear about FGCU's discontent over the matter. "I think we should respect their wishes," he said. "It's their story and we'll respect it."

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