Notebook: Final week of spring underway

USC began its final week of spring practice Tuesday on Howard-Jones Field. Here's the latest on the injury situation and the looming depth chart that will be released...

Kiffin cracks a funny
It was a bright, sunny, windy day Tuesday on Howard-Jones Field as the Trojans began their final week of spring practice.

Conditions sound familiar?

USC head coach Lane Kiffin is hoping they don't.

Asked how the quarterbacks performed during Tuesday's drills in conditions similar to those the Trojans played in during the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Kiffin made light of the situation.

"I don't know what the last term you used there was," Kiffin joked, referring to the Sun Bowl. "Obviously you haven't bought in to our hypnosis idea that we did with our players where we snapped our fingers and it never happened."

All joking aside, Kiffin said all three quarterbacks did just fine in the challenging conditions.

Final week of spring practice
The Trojans' five weeks of spring practices will wrap up Saturday with the spring game.

As they enter the home stretch of what has been a physical spring, Kiffin says everything players do still counts when it comes to winning a job. "We'll take it all in to the evaluation process," Kiffin said.

He is scheduled to release a depth-chart April 15, the day following the spring scrimmage, but says it's unlikely the staff will "make a big deal" about the chart.

"We'll probably release something just release it," he said. "But we've got a long way to go before Hawaii and a lot of things will happen between now and then."

How about quarterbacks on the depth chart? Don't surprised if and when it reads Cody Kessler or Max Wittek at the top. Kiffin has not distinguished throughout the spring if either quarterback is inching ahead in the QB race.

Pants left in the locker room
For the first time since the third practice of spring, players didn't dress in full-pads for Tuesday's drills. It's been noticeable change since fall camp -- when seeing the team dressed in full-gear was a rare -- to now being surprised seeing them only in shorts.

Kiffin said the decision to not wear pants had nothing to do with the physicality of practice, but more so his desire to have the players stay off the ground.

"Just really wanted to stay up and at times when [they aren't in full gear] they are more apt to stay up and not as many guys on the ground," he explained. "But it was still a physical practice.

Injury report
New injury information to report as of Tuesday's practice… Defensive end Jabari Ruffin was not dressed and did not practice. Receiver Darreus Rogers tried to make a go of it, but did not participate in drills.

Cornerback Kevon Seymour returned to practice, Kiffin noting that he did the "most he has done" all spring.

Also returning to drills was safety Demetrius Wright. Wright actually tweeted Monday evening he thought he might be needing hip surgery, but ultimately decided surgery was off the table. The senior says he has a torn labrum in his hip that he will work to rehab. He said he's been playing in pain for a few years, but doesn't want to get surgery to repair it because of the time he'll miss recovering. Wright took first team reps at safety Tuesday alongside Josh Shaw.

Three players went down during Tuesday's drills, including receiver De'Von Flournoy, offensive lineman Cyrus Hobbi, and defensive lineman Antwaun Woods.

Quick hits
Cornerback Ryan Henderson was taking first-team reps Tuesday…2013 USC signees Nico Falah and Steven Mitchell were on the sidelines…USC's spring game is Saturday 1pm in the Coliseum…tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at…

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