Breaking it down: Offensive line

USC wrapped up spring practices and now it's time to take a look back at performances and the depth chart -- in order to look ahead at the 2013 season and what you can expect when fall camp opens in August. We'll start with the offensive line...

Left tackle
Aundrey Walker
At this point it's nearly impossible to say if Aundrey Walker helped or hurt his cause this spring. Why you ask? Because he's listed as the lone starter a'top the depth chart and the only player listed as his backup is a walk-on. Head coach Lane Kiffin said Walker didn't have a great spring… So that really leaves Walker as left tackle by default. Keep an eye on though on the rest of the line. If depth is found in one of the other four positions, I wouldn't be shocked to see some movement to create competition at left tackle.

Nate Guertler
Guertler is Walker's is a non-scholarship player and is listed as Walker's only backup. Clearly, his stock didn't climb over the spring seeing as Walker notably "wasn't great" per Kiffin, and Guertler stil can't get the coveted "or" next to his name.

Nico Falah
Rarely is a freshman able to come in and make an impact in the trenches. Tuerk was an exception last season, but I don't know if Falah will be one in 2013. He has shown tremendous interest and dedication in learning and becoming a part of the program since signing his letter in February. Falah attended winter throwing sessions, working out with the linemen and his attendance of the Trojans' 15 spring practices was nearly perfect. FOX Sports NEXT national recruiting analyst Greg Biggins noted a lack of "nastiness" or a tough streak from Falah through his scouting reports… so it will remain to be seen if Falah develops that streak and is able to build it enough to challenge Walker.

Left guard
Max Tuerk
The sophomore continues to show a tremendous upside on the offensive line. He played left tackle last season and earned more than a satisfactory mark, this spring the coaches tried him at center – but it was a tough adjustment. No knock there on Tuerk, he's a tall kid who had never snapped the ball… but the move to left guard looks to be a promising one. When it's all said and done if Walker struggles as he has in the past at left tackle I won't be surprised if Kiffin moves Tuerk back over there and moves another lineman to left guard. At this point, Tuerk has to be one of the most flexible players in the trenches.

Giovanni Di Poalo
The redshirt junior is in a tough position now stuck behind Tuerk -- who really seems to be the coach's favorite. Di Poalo has an uphill battle ahead of him to try to knock Tuerk out of the lone starting spot at left guard. During 2012 he didn't seem to be on the radar and nothing seemed to change this spring.

Eric Jepsen
Listed as the third left guard on the depth chart.

Khaliel Rodgers
Rodgers will be an intriguing new member of the offensive line when he gets to campus after graduating high school. At first glance you'll think he looks a little short… but I'll be the first to tell you, he packs one mean punch. I watched him play the entire week at the Army All-American Bowl practices and then in the actual game. "Nasty" is the word to use for him. Expect him to, if nothing else, push the older guys and start a few penalty-inducing scuffles during practice. It remains to be seen if Rodgers can be one of those immediate impact freshmen, which as mentioned is very tough to be on the offensive line, but I wouldn't be entirely shocked if he sees the field.

Marcus Martin
Marcus Martin was already a solid part of the offensive line, starting 10 games as a freshman and then holding onto his spot through his sophomore campaign. Martin was moved to center this spring after a week of snap struggles by Tuerk and it was a great fit from day one. Kiffin even said Martin -- who has never played center -- looked very natural at the position. Martin said he even felt comfortable. If anyone on the offensive line had their stock drastically improve, it's him.

Cyrus Hobbi
With the graduation of senior center Khaled Holmes it would've been the perfect time for Hobbi to step up and prove he's ready to take over at center and stay there for the next three seasons. Obviously per the depth chart, that didn't happen. Hobbi even has starting experience – remember, he played for Holmes in the loss at Stanford… It looks like it may be another season before we're able to see if Hobbi has progressed enough to be the go-to guy.

Right guard
John Martinez
Remember the spring preview? The right side should be solid as a rock? Okay, well apparently I was a little off… but it wasn't about Martinez. He has proved to be a worthy right guard and will maintain his starting role there. No if, ands, buts, "OR's" about it.

Jordan Simmons
The redshirt freshman is in a tough position behind Martinez, so playing time in 2013 might be hard to come by. But Simmons is showing progress and should be a reliable guard when Martinez graduates after this season.

David Garness
Listed third on the depth chart at right guard.

Right tackle
Kevin Graf
The fact that redshirt senior Graf is listed as an "OR" at the top of the depth chart is one of the most puzzling revelations to come out of spring practice. Did the defensive line tear the offensive line apart for a good majority of the spring? Sure. Was that a fault of Graf? I'm not so sure. Kiffin wasn't very specific about Graf's shortcomings during the spring – only saying that offensive line coach Mike Summers addressed the issues with Graf and he's looking forward to the competition in the fall… I think this has more to do with motivation than an actual competition. No way you take your redshirt senior right tackle off the line in a year when the line is being called "one of [the head coach's] biggest concerns…

Chad Wheeler
Chad Wheeler won the spring. He spent a good portion of it out with an injury yet still managed to move himself into the top spot on the depth chart alongside Graf. I have to be honest, when Wheeler was healthy I never zeroed in on him -- mainly because for the first handful of practices it was all about the quarterbacks… and I was that confident about Graf's ability to hold off any surging competition. Kiffin says Wheeler showed plenty of "flashes" when he was healthy. My eyes will be set on him when fall camp opens Aug. 3.

Zach Banner
He's one of the most intriguing prospects USC recruited in 2012, most thinking at 6-foot-9 he'd be a left tackle. But Banner took reps all spring at right tackle and Kiffin confirmed on the post-spring phone conference that Banner's future in the program is certainly at right tackle. The redshirt freshman is still a work in progress and from the looks of it, that's where he'll stand through the 2013 season.

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