Ben Olson interview

Many consider Ben Olson from Thousand Oaks HS to be the top QB in the country and caught up with him to get an update on his recruiting process.

Yesterday I did and interview with the top RB in the nation and it seemed like the Trojan fans enjoyed it. However, knowing how demanding Trojan fans are, I knew that for my next interview anything but a conversation with the nation's top QB would be a let down. So, giving into peer pressure, I decided to give Mr. Ben Olson a ring. Here's what he had to say:

WEARESC: So Ben, what schools are you looking at right now?

B: I'm looking at USC, UCLA, BYU, Stan, Mich, Tenn, Okla

WEARESC: Great, any leaders?

B: Uh, No, I like BYU and UCLA, but I've never been down to USC. I'm coming down on the 14th

WEARESC: What do you like about USC?

B: I really like the coaching staff a lot, I've met with coach Carroll, and I've talked to coach Chow a couple of times on the phone, and I just like the tradition.

WEARESC: Do you know anything about Norm Chow?

B: Oh Yeah, from his BYU days, I know all about him so that's a definite plus.

WEARESC: I understand that you went to the Elite 11. How was that and did you get to meet Carson?

B: It was great time, A lot of fun. I talked to Carson a little bit and he's a great guy.

WEARESC: What are your current stats? Forty, Bench, etc.

B: I haven't tested my forty since the Nike camp, but I ran a 4.65 there. My bench is 280 and vertical is 36 inches.

WEARESC: In your opinion, what are your strengths? Weaknesses?

B: For my weaknesses, well, you've always got to try to improve. You can't be satisfied with any aspect of your game. So I think I just need to improve my overall game. For example, At the elite 11 camp, coach Johnson was telling me that when I drop back, I bend my knees too much. So I need to work on standing up straighter in the pocket. You can always work on reading defenses, all that stuff.

WEARESC: Doing anything out of the norm this summer?

B: I'm done with all the camps and everything. I'm lifting everyday, running bleachers, but no I'm not doing anything unusual, just working hard.

WEARESC: Great, Did you have a favorite school growing up?

B: No, not really, but I watched BYU, UCLA and USC just because they've been so close to home.

WEARESC: Perhaps a favorite player?

B: Nah.

WEARESC: OK, Do you think you'll be taking your Mission?

B: You know, I really couldn't tell you right now, I'm considering it, but at the same time, I'm thinking of maybe not going.

WEARESC: Ben, I think that's it, Do you ever check the internet?

B: Every once in a while.


B: Yeah I have actually.

WEARESC: Well, I'll be posting this interview on WEARESC, so please, check it out.

B: Okay, Sounds good.

WEARESC: Do you think we can call you back sometime?

B: Yeah, no problem, Whenever you guys need anything I'll be glad to help you out.

WEARESC: Great, Thanks a lot Ben.

B: Alright, thank you.

I know I sound trite, but Ben is another kid who was very open and friendly. As you can see, he isn't quite as talkative as Mr. Booker, but he was very polite and had direct answers for all of my questions. He just seemed like an all-around great kid. While some may think he's sewn up for BYU or even UCLA, I got the feeling that SC is right there with those two from our conversation. Top Stories