Derek Landri interview

It seem like De La Salle high of Concord, Calif always has at least one elite prospect. Two years ago it was DJ Williams. Last year it was Kevin Simon, and this year De La Salle has Derek Landri. Landri, who is a three-year starter for De La Salle, may be the most technically sound lineman in the nation and is generally considered to be one the country's 100 best football players. I called him today to ask him a few questions and here's how it went:


WEARESC: So Derek, what's your top five?

D: I really don't have a top five but I can give you a top ten. ND, Neb, Cal, USC, Miami, Clemson, and I can't think of the rest.

WEARESC: Great, any leaders?

D: Uh, No, they're all pretty close but I'd say the fist four are probably my favorites.

WEARESC: But you don't have one school that sticks out above the rest?

D: Nah

WEARESC: What do you like about USC?

D: SC and Cal are sorta in the same boat. I was born in Huntington Beach, so I know the area. My dad still lives down there. And Cal, I know a lot of people at Cal that went to De La Salle.

WEARESC: Is SC recruiting you at OL or DT?

D: Both, I've talked to Ed Orgeron and I've talked to the OL coach. They said they were going to wrestle over me.

WEARESC: Do prefer OL or DT?

D: I really don't care.

WEARESC: What would you say you're better at?

D: I've played offense longer at De La Salle, but I dunno. I think that both my OL and DL coach are the best in the nation. Our DL coach is from Cal, so he basically teaches us everything they teach at Cal. And Coach Ladaceour, he knows everything about everything.

WEARESC: Have you set up any visits?

D: No, not yet.

WEARESC: What are your current stats? Forty, Bench, etc.

D: My bench and my squat have gone up, but everything else hasn't changed since the Nike camp. I can squat 505 and my bench is 375.

WEARESC: In your opinion, what are your strengths? Weaknesses?

D: My strengths are probably my technique and quickness. I'd like to work on my speed. You can always work on that, and my handwork.

WEARESC: Favorite team growing up?

D: I've always like ND, but then I started liking Neb as I got a little older.

WEARESC: Great, Did you have a favorite player growing up?

D: When I was younger I really liked Brent Jones of the 49ers.

WEARESC: OK, perhaps a favorite college player?

D: In college? Uh, DJ Williams. (laughing)

WEARESC: That reminds me, De La Salle plays Poly right? How do you feel about that game.

D: I dunno what to say except it probably going to be a war. Top Stories