Kareem Kelly interview

"Talk about the difference in attitude this year, specifically for you."

"Well, my attitude, it changed dramatically from last year to this year. Actually, last year I was focused on too many other things and, you know, I didn't play well, I didn't play as good as I can play. This year I'm coming in with a different approach, to do whatever I can to help and contribute to the team's success and get SC back on the map. Starting back in the spring I had a need that I needed to take this season real serious. The fact that we had a new coaching staff, new strength and conditioning coach and new expectations so I had to work hard. I needed to get back to where I need to be, where I started in my freshman year. I set the bar high for myself and this year I think I'm gonna need to work that hard to help the team win. I need to be a big playmaker, make things happen."

"Why is there a difference?"

"Well, everyone knows I've had 3 different receiver coaches in 3 years here and there's just been a lot of changes. Kirby Wilson is a lot like the receiver coach I had in high school (Merle Cole), he's up in your face, he's on you 100 percent. That's not a knock, that's something that works, at least it works for me. It makes us want to work, it makes us not want to make mistakes and it builds cohesion in the receiver corps. He's not always gonna be filling us with what we're doing good, he's gonna let us know what we're messing up on too. That's the way I was coached in high school and I was an All American then so I think everything is gonna work out."

"How is this staff different from the past staff?"

"It seems like this staff is more together in trying to get the players on one heartbeat and so far it's going pretty good. Tomorrow is the first day we put the pads on and really see what we're made of but I really trust and believe in this coaching staff. So far everyone is putting their egos aside and letting the coaches do their job and with the staff Pete Carroll put together there aren't any more excuses. It's time for the players to perform. It's kind of good that we're not ranked right now, it gives us a chance to work for our ranking. We play a lot of ranked teams and if we can take it one game at a time and beat those guys, we'll be in there."

"Talk about Norm Chow's system."

"It's not really complicated, we learned a lot of it in the spring. Basically his philosophy is to move the chains, get first downs and take our shots downfield. To be honest I didn't know that much about him when he was hired but I got on the internet, did a little reading up on who he's coached and where he's been and I was thinking, wow, this guy is the offensive guru, this is what I need from an offensive coach. Once I found all that out I was pretty excited, it was like Christmas and my birthday at once. I also noticed when the guy he coached (Koren Robinson) was the #9 pick in the draft and I was like, OK, this guy must be real."

"Is he real?"

"Oh, he's real. On the field he's real calm and composed, I mean he doesn't curse or swear, nothing. Usually calm guys like that are successful as coaches, know what I mean, he doesn't stress out over things. He's real laid back, he knows he has some good receivers, a good quarterback, he's in a good place."

"You were banged up early in the summer with a quad injury, how is your health and what is your height/weight?"

"My health is one hundred percent. I'm six one, one hundred eighty seven pounds, I'm fast, I'm stronger, I'm feeling real good right now. I'm in good shape and there's no better time to be in shape than coming into camp. I'm ready to go."

"Talk about the off season workouts."

"Me and Carson got together this summer, throwing the ball twice a week, we lifted together sometimes in the morning and just got that bond that you need to have. I need to run each and every route hard enough so Carson can see me and make those good throws. When we get into the season we want it to be just second nature, just us playing catch."

"How much will it help to have Marcell back?"

"Tremendously. He's back in full stride and this is the deepest receiving corps I've played with since I've been in college, there's going to be a lot of guys who contribute. I spoke with Kirby Wilson last night and he said we're gonna throw the ball until Carson's arm is damn near about to fall off. (laughing) That's a good thing for a receiver to hear and with me being a receiver it was a real good thing."

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