Kenny Bigelow kicks off summer practice

Early enrollee Kenny Bigelow is making the transition to summer practice, and says he's more comfortable on the field after working with his new teammates in the spring.

Kenny Bigelow has a semester of play as a Trojan under his belt, and the early enrollee says he feel much more comfortable with his new teammates now.

"It's definitely been better," said Bigelow. "Coming into the spring was an adjustment, I was just trying to get better, but now that I've got my feet wet, I definitely feel as if I can come out here and do some great things."

Bigelow says one of the main reasons the transition has gone smoothly is because of the new mentorships he's found with his teammates.

"A lot of the older guys have taken me in as a younger brother," said Bigelow. "Guys like George Uko, Antwaun [Woods], me and Hayes were joking around today. All the older guys, Marcus Martin, they're all helping me out, keeping me about myself, telling me what I got to do and making sure I'm always on my game."

Throughout the transition, Bigelow has continued to focus on developing and improving his own game, which he says has paid off during practice.

"I've definitely seen an improvement," said Bigelow. "I've kept my weight under control, my conditionings getting good to where I want it to be, and I'm keeping my strength up with the other guys."

"Conditioning going into camp will be my biggest challenge," said Bigelow. "I'll keep on that. My strength is good, I've always been a strong kid, so strength is not that big of a worry, but I'll definitely keep on my conditioning."

On a team level, Bigelow says the Trojans are using the summer to improve as well.

"Right now everybody wants to be assignment perfect," he said . "That's something we preach in our special teams meetings and something we talk about in our individual team meetings all the time. We want to be assignment perfect all the times, so we just drill ourselves."

Despite all the drilling, however, the team still finds time to balance work and play.

"You know we've been taking it a little easy," said Bigelow. "But when we need to work, we are all about our work. When it's time to work, we work. When we're on the field, we're on the field. When we're off the field, we can enjoy our time as much as we want, but when it's time to work, we work."

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