Thomas will enroll at Florida State

Five-star linebacker Matthew Thomas tells FOX Sports NEXT he is enrolling and playing football at Florida State.

Will he or won't he? Trojan or Seminole? Mom did this, dad said that.

It appears the Matthew Thomas saga is finally coming to a close as Thomas himself confirmed where he'll be going to school and playing football.

The Miami (Fla.) Booker T. Washington five-star linebacker told FOX Sports NEXT's Amy Campbell that he will be enrolling at Florida State, where he originally signed a Letter of Intent.

"I figured FSU is a better fit for me," Thomas said. "Plus, I'm playing early so can't complain."

Reports stated Monday that Thomas' father said his son would not enroll at FSU and would continue to seek a release from FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher, or enroll at USC - thus losing a year of eligibility because he signed a Letter of Intent with FSU.

Thomas told FOX Sports NEXT he did not want to enter into a situation in which he would be forced to sit a year, taking the USC option off the table.

You may recall, on National Signing Day it was well documented that Thomas' mother refused to co-sign his LOI to USC, wanting him to sign with the 'Noles and not the Trojans.

Thomas said he spent this week at his aunt's house, without his cell phone. His mother is out of the country and he says his dad spoke to media outlets unbeknownst to him.

Thomas is scheduled to arrive at FSU on Saturday.

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