Wittek back on the field

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Max Wittek stepped back on the field Friday morning for USC's summer workouts after being sidelined for the first week and a half of drills with mono.

USC QB Redshirt sophomore quarterback Max Wittek got back to work Friday morning after missing the first week and a half of summer workouts due to mono.

"I feel great, I went to the doctors earlier this week and they said everything was good, so I started back yesterday," said Wittek. "It's good to be sore again and back on the team."

While one Max made his return, the younger Max--Max Browne--was not at practice. FOX Sports NEXT confirmed Browne flew back home for his high school graduation Thursday night.

One of the side effects of mono includes losing weight. However, Wittek only dropped four pounds, leaving him at 229-pounds. This is about 15 pounds lighter than where Wittek was at the end of the 2012 season, all a part of Wittek's plan.

"I dropped weight purposely at the end of the season," said Wittek. "I feel a lot faster, a lot lighter on my feet."

Wittek hopes to be at 235-pounds by the end of summer, but he says achieving that goal won't be an issue.

"I want to get myself back to playing weight about 235. It shouldn't be hard," said Wittek. "My appetite is back, so it's going to come back real quick."

Other summer goals for Wittek include "continue to develop and work out as much as I can, get faster, stronger, all the usual things."

Although Wittek was not able to throw at USC's first three summer workouts, he was able to get in some practice with his new roommates.

"It's beautiful actually, we just moved downtown. It's me, Randall (Telfer), Soma (Vainuku), Xavier (Grimble) and Marqise (Lee), we all live in the same building," said Wittek. "It's been amazingly easy to go to their room and say, 'Guys lets go throw,' and it's been great just to go to Cathedral High and just throw as much as we can. So it's been really good, we've gotten a lot of work done."

While Wittek has the chance to throw to his receivers and tight ends during their off-time, he doesn't view it as a competitive advantage over fellow quarterbacks Browne and Cody Kessler.

"I think as much timing as you can get with your receivers, I think that's going to help you," said Wittek. "If you want to call that an edge or an advantage, then yes. But I just look at as getting in work with my receivers and looking forward to the season."

While USC fans can expect to see Lee and Nelson Agholor in the top two receiver spots, the fight for No. 3 is up for grabs after Steven Mitchell's injury earlier this summer. Wittek believes that the player who wants it the most will eventually get that spot.

"I mean it's really up to them, whoever wants it is going to have to go out and get it," said Wittek. "People like Victor Blackwell and De'Von Flournoy, they have the talent. They just have to get into the playbook and make the plays they know how to make, and that they've made in high school and out here at practice on a more consistent basis."

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