Reinhardt, 'USC can be a basketball school'

UNLV transfer Katin Reinhardt will officially enroll and start summer school at USC in July. The former four-star shooting guard spoke with FOX Sports NEXT about his future as a Trojan and his expectations for the program under new head coach Andy Enfield.

Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei alum Katin Reinhardt decided to transfer from the UNLV basketball program after the Rebels' season. The former four-star shooting guard committed to USC and head coach Andy Enfield at the end of May.

Reinhard spoke with FOX Sports NEXT about his decision to commit to the Trojans, his expectations for the future of the program, and his his good friend and USC recruit, Stanley Johnson.

FOX Sports NEXT: When do you officially start at USC?
Katin Reinhardt: I don't get up to summer school until July 2, I am taking the second session of summer school. I've been up there a bunch of times, but I don't get up there fulltime until July 2.

FOX Sports NEXT: At Pangos All-American Camp [2014 Santa Ana (Calif. Mater Dei small forward] Stanley Johnson told us he pointed you in the direction of USC and Andy Enfield when you decided to transfer from UNLV. How did that happen?
Reinhardt: Stanley has been one of my really good friends through high school and just from playing basketball together, we got close. When I transferred I talked to him awhile ago about where to go, and the process I was going through again and he really helped me out in terms of picking the right school. Not that I didn't do it myself, but that he was a part of remembering – helping me pick a spot that I would succeed the best at and that I would have the best of both worlds. I talked to him a lot through that process. We're just really close. I'm the same way with him. I talk to him if he needs anything or stuff like that. He helped me stay grounded and make sure I picked the right school rather than just a school off the top of my head.

FOX Sports NEXT: How well have you gotten to know Andy Enfield? What is your relationship like?
Reinhardt: Coach Enfield is a super great guy, real personable, he's easy to have a conversation with. You can talk to him about anything. He's really cool and you have to be like that. I'm a firm believer in a player-coach relationship and he is that kind of guy – especially if you want to talk basketball. You can talk for hours and you're there for four-five hours and wondering where did the time go. He's really cool like that, and just about everything. He's a great guy and at the same time he knows his basketball and how to win games and that's what makes a great coach, somebody that is good on and off the court and he's definitely that way.

FOX Sports NEXT: What was the ‘recruiting process', if you will, like the second time around? Did you have a better idea since you've already been in a college program what you were looking for in your new home?
Reinhardt: Yeah. The process going through high school and choosing a school and all that, it was tough. When you're at that spot and you go to college you get to see a lot of stuff. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't and now that I have to move on and do what's best for me, I had a lot of knowledge about what I need from a coach and what I need from a system and how I need to fit in and I think USC fit that role, it was perfect. Plus, staying home in California is big, too.

FOX Sports NEXT: USC has traditionally been known as a ‘football school'. Do you think the basketball culture there will now grow?
Reinhardt: I'm very excited because everybody knows USC as a football school and when [former head coach] Tim Floyd was there and it was turning into a basketball school as well. USC can be a powerhouse basketball school as well. I know I have to sit out a year, the new staff is going to do great this year, it's going to start building up and I'm excited to be a part of that and bring USC to be a basketball powerhouse. When teams play USC it's going to be a like ‘We have to play USC' not ‘We're playing USC, last in the PAC-12'… it can be like ‘We are playing USC a top 20 team in the country'. That's what I want to help do. I want to have that aura around USC basketball like USC football. Everybody wants to play you because you're like a Duke or North Carolina. I want to help bring that and I'm very excited to be a part of it.

FOX Sports NEXT: Since you're a transfer you have to sit out a season, do you know how you're going to spend the year on the bench?
Reinhardt: It's hard just because I'm such a competitor and I haven't not played basketball for a year since I was probably five years old, so now it's like, I look at all the positives to it. I have a whole year to work on my basketball game. It's huge. A lot of athletes only get weeks or a month and a half during the summer to work on their game because they have to get ready for next season. Now, I have a whole year to do that. So you can get better in a few months, but a whole year is going to change the player you are and what you can be so I'm excited to know that I have that whole year to work on every little part of my game and grow as well as learn the game from the coaches perspective. I have to sit out so I'm looking forward to watching a lot of film with the coaches and reading scouting reports, so I can sit there on the bench and coach and help like a ‘players coach' – that's what I'm excited to do.

FOX Sports NEXT: Now that you're headed for USC, are you talking the program up with other recruits?
Reinhardt: To the extent of what I can do, yeah. I'm pretty sure that now a lot of people are looking at USC because of Enfield, but it's like – if you're at Mater Dei (High School), you live in California and why wouldn't you want to go to ‘SC? Or who wouldn't want to come to California to go to USC and play for a good PAC-12 program? Now you have a coach and a staff to back that up. So now that you have a great coach and a great staff it is going to help a lot. Just in it and of itself, just the whole picture now.

FOX Sports NEXT: You already mentioned you're close with top-recruit Stanley Johnson. You both went to [Santa Ana (Calif.)] Mater Dei, any idea where he stands with the Trojans?
Reinhardt: I can't say too much on Stanley [Johnson] because it's his recruiting process. But USC is in his backyard and they have the staff now and so it's not just because it is in his backyard. It's an entire program, it will be back to being big time. I think for him, it's good for him right now having that relationship with coach [Tony] Bland and being in California. His family can come up to all the games, he probably looks at all of that.

FOX Sports NEXT: Anything else you want to share now about the program or your future at USC?
Reinhardt: Not really, just that I am so excited to be a part of this program and being back home. I am excited to be a part of this and build something special.

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