Friday morning throwing session

The Trojans are wrapping up their third week of voluntary summer workouts...Check out notes and highlights from the Friday morning player-only throwing session.

Week three is in the books for the Trojans as they continue their voluntary summer workouts on Cromwell Field at USC.

Camp Kiffin was going on right next door on Howard-Jones Field, and most of the Trojans spent their Friday morning teaching kids about football instead of playing it instead.

Because attendance was low at Friday morning's workout, the Trojans who were there ran on-one-one drills. With Cody Kessler helping out at Camp Kiffin and Max Wittek not in attendance, freshman quarterback Max Browne led the practice on his own.

Workouts on Friday morning usually kick off around 8:30 a.m., but this morning's workout started a few minutes early, allowing the offensive line to leave around 8:45 a.m upon finishing their own practice.

With just the receivers and a handful of defensive backs in attendance after that, Browne lead throwing practice for another 15 minutes before ended the Trojan's speedy 30-minute workout.

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