Meet the man behind USC's women's soccer team

Take a look at USC's head women's socer coach Ali Khosroshahin, as he tells his expectations for the seasons, as well as what happens on and off the field.

Ali Khosroshahin should be expecting a set of China any day now.

The head coach of the USC's women's soccer team, Khosroshahin is celebrating his 20th anniversairy of coaching this season, which traditionally is symbolized by a set of China.

Khosroshahin is entering his seventh season at USC, however, and has high expectations for the upcoming season, just 37 days away.

While Khosroshahin says he is proud of his players on the field, he is also extremely pleased with them off the field. Many of the Trojans have becoming very involved within the local community, starting up intercity soccer leagues and giving back any way they can. Khosroshahin has done a lot of charity work himself, as he worked with the Sport for Social Change Initiative in Africa a few years back.

You can catch the women of Troy this season on the Pac-12 Network, as a nine of their games will be televised this season.

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