All is quiet, right now, for Rosen

2015 Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco quarterback Josh Rosen's spring was a busy one, to say the least. Now into July, Rosen says the dead period with most coaches on vacation is a welcome one...

2015 Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco quarterback Josh Rosen and his teammates played in - and won - the Battle at the Beach in Southern California over the weekend.

For now, Rosen says he's just been able to focus on just playing football during the month of July, with college coaches mostly on vacation for the dead period and not recruiting.

"Fortunately everything is kind of slowing down," Rosen told FOX Sports NEXT during the tournament, when asked if there were any new developments in his recruitment. "After the B2G camp when our season started to get going I think pretty much every staff is on their dead period. I haven't talked to anybody really."

During the lull, Rosen says he has thought about the process and has decided he wants to see how a few seasons shake out before coming any closer to making a decision.

"I want to see how Stanford does with [quarterback] Kevin Hogan having a full year under his belt," Rosen explained. "I want to see how they evolve their quarterbacks and how hopefully the move into more of a passing-spread type offense, based on his skill set."

Rosen says he also wants to see which direction California's new staff moves in. "They have a really nice quarterback competition going on, new coaches, new offense, and some amazing receivers with a year of experience under their belts."

The other schools Rosen wants to see in action this year? UCLA...and USC. "I want to see if the Bruins can continue their uprising...and maybe if USC can recover. I just want to see how the season plays out."

Rosen is still waiting on an official offer from USC head coach Lane Kiffin, but says he's been told by quarterbacks coach Clay Helton he essentially has one. "Helton said I basically have an offer, but he has to convince Coach Kiffin to give it."

A day after Rising Stars, USC went on its recruiting dead period, which is why Rosen believes Kiffin hasn't extended the offer yet.

Asked if the Trojans not offering putting them in the backseat of his recruitment, Rosen said he really treats the situation as though they have offered. "I'm sort of treating the whole process as though I can earn an offer from anybody," he said.

Rosen told FOX Sports NEXT his favorites at Battle of the Beach, they include "Cal, Stanford, and UCLA...maybe USC in the mix."

Cal and UCLA have both offered him. USC and Stanford have not.

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