Martin getting his mind right before fall

USC junior Marcus Martin is ready for fall camp to get here, because last year was last year and he says the Trojans are more than ready for this year.

When will the 7-6 2012 season finally be put to rest?

Well, who really knows the answer to that. But 2013 is set to begin. "Last year was last and we're going to let last year be last year," junior center Marcus Martin told FOX Sports NEXT after a voluntary summer throwing session. "We are trying to move on and have a really productive season this year."

USC's fall camp opens Aug. 3, their first game scheduled for Aug. 29 at Hawaii.

With only a week left of voluntary players-only workouts, Martin says now is the time to relax and for players to get their minds right, before four straight weeks of daily football is underway. "Everybody is just trying to get prepared," he said. "People don't understand that camp is all mental. That's why I'm saying you've got to try to relax because once you get into football is when it kicks off."

After spending his first two seasons as an offensive guard, Martin is expected to be the Trojans starting center, since the graduation of Khaled Holmes.

With the move to the middle comes a new sense of leadership for the junior, who has become more vocal and more hands on over the summer. "I've tried to play my roll, so I'm just playing my roll again now," Martin explained. "It just requires me to be a little more vocal, a little more organized, coach them up a little bit more and be more on my game as well so it's just forcing me to be the leader I've always been."

As the offensive line goes against what Martin calls the "best defensive line in the country" his leadership is much needed. He says throughout the summer it's been professionals against professionals, both the offensive line and defensive line making their mark -- but on the stat sheets, the defensive line coming away the winners collecting sacks.

"The defensive line is really good," Martin explained. You've got Leonard Williams, George Uko, Antwaun Woods. You've got the standup rushers, Devon Kennard and Morgan Breslin. I mean all of those guys are phenomenal pass rushers. Morgan was one of the top pass rushers in the country.

"We just try to work our techniques and just get better. It's awesome being able to go against a defensive line like that. You've just got to get prepared. There's no better defensive line in the country."

As for Martin, he says he's ready to snap the ball every play and isn't stressing about the situation or position. "I just can't wait to get out there and get everything down and get comfortable," he said.

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