Transcript from Lee's Pac-12 roundtable

The complete transcript from USC receiver Marqise Lee's sit-down with the media on Friday.

In response to learning Coach Kiffin will call the plays again this season: "That's cool with me. I ain't worried about it. I knew in a sense he was going to run the offense, but that's all I know. He just confirmed it today. Y'all learned just I like I learned. I didn't know. So I don't mind, he's calling the plays, that's cool. He called them last year and the year before, so it doesn't matter."

In response to confidence in route running now at receiver: "It's improved a lot, I try to spend multiple time trying to improve, trying to be better, trying to run your route better, or paying attention to what the defender is doing in order for me to run my route. You know, Rob in this case, helped me a lot in this case, sat me down and really taught me just the game in general, and just how to do things that best fit you and not necessarily trying to do it perfect, but trying to do it perfect while paying attention to something else."

In response to evaluating three QBs: "My evaluation is different. I think they're all good. I think you won't have a problem. I don't know, I'm lost to tell you the truth. I try to spend as much time as I can with each one of them, but at the end of the day, it will be good to find out who the starter is so we can start working on the chemistry as far as camp comes."

In response to when he thinks the selection will happen: "I mean, you can do it within the first week. I threw with you enough, so now we just have to sit down and talk basically how you feel, how you want me to run these things, how you feel about this route and how you want me to run it, that's about it. It's all about time; just sitting down, and during camp you have all the time. You can't do nothing, you have football 24/7 anyway."

In response to when he wants to know who the starter will be: "As soon as possible. I wish I knew now. I ask Kiffin all the time, but he don't give me nothing. Coach Kiffin don't give me anything. He just leaves me dry. I'm just waiting til he makes that decision, and in the meantime I'm just continuing to work with all three."

In response to Kiffin as a coach: "As a coach, Kiffin is great. You know, most people don't understand I wouldn't be in the position I am now if I didn't have him as a coach. He put me in the position to be who I am now. He gave me that opportunity and I'll play for Coach Kiffin til I die, I wouldn't mind for him to coach at the next level. I wouldn't mind playing for him and he just gives it all. He gets critiqued a lot, but he don't let it bother him. He just trying to make sure our mindsets and we're just focused. He gets all the bad vibes, and people are always pushing him down, but he always makes sure we're taken care of, and everything is handled for us before he worries about himself."

In response to coming into this season with a chip on the team's shoulder: "I mean we feel like we have something to prove. That's really about it. We went 7-6. Worst ever. Something we just chose not to do. Especially when we have T.J. and Jawanza and sending them out on that season is just terrible. So, I mean, as a team, we just realize we got to pick it up and we take it amongst ourselves and individually everybody takes in amongst themselves to handle the things they need to handle and work on the things they need to work on.

In response to incompletion pass to Robert Woods at Arizona and if that had long-term impact on the season: "I can agree with Kiffin on this one. I didn't even know going into this one we were 6-1, I didn't really think about it until today they mentioned it. I was talking to Hayes about it and was like that play would have set it over the top, but then again you can't really base it off that one play, just us playing as one, we should have had it out from the get-go. And I think it kind of messed with our minds here and there knowing you were supposed to win that game but you didn't, and now you go from 6-1 to 6-2 instead of 7-1, you lose two games and the National Championship is out of the question. And I think the downfall for our team was the stigma about it after the second loss as if we thought about it too much, like ‘we're not going to make it, this is it.' It's not the season we wanted and it continues to tear us down, but not this year."

In response to bigger leadership role as an upperclassman: "Now you just step up and tell them to keep pushing, but you have to do it without the coaches. You know, with the coaches is good, but you have to do it without the coaches because players can really like bond when it's straight players. But when coaches are around, they think ‘you're just saying that because coaches are around.' But we sit down and really talk about it. I think this season is going to be really different from last year. And we don't have the same talent we did last year, but we still capable."

In response to not catching Hail Mary pass in Arizona game, but having great personal record game: "Yeah I understand, but then people on the outside have to understand that when you have that title of being one of the best, why not make that catch? When you have the opportunity to actually make the catch. If you catch that ball, it shows how much of a great player you are. I'm going to be hard on myself, I understand that people say ‘you had no chance of catching that ball,' but then I feel like I had a chance of catching that ball. That day, it doesn't matter no more, you lost.

In response to John McKay quote, "It's not about the play, it's about the player": "That's it. I think that's legit. It's not about the plays they make, it's about how much work the player is willing to put in and the effort they put in to help the team, that's really about it. If you have 22 players only and they all putting that effort in for the team to win, at the end of the day you can be successful. I'd rather have a team that's playing hard 24/7 and take and "L" rather than not playing hard at all. I'm not saying we didn't play hard, I'm saying there some flaws that I feel we could have picked it up more than we were doing."

In response to Lee playing secondary: "If he put us there, then that's what's going to happen, but I think Kiffin just used it as a motivation aspect that's it. Just for the corners to say ‘oh we got this receiver, Kiffin's talking about this receiver playing corner, I feel like it's an insult.' Now I have to take it upon myself to continue to work and become better. I feel like he just said it to prove the corners that they've been working, but if he does put us on the other side I won't mind."

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