Starr talks coming back "with a vengence"

After being sidelined last season with a neck injury, USC linebacker Scott Starr is back in time for fall camp and looking to make up for lost time.

After being sidelined with a neck injury following the Stanford game last season, USC lineback Scott Starr tweeted out, "I will be back with a vengence, I promise everyone that."

Despite missing all of spring ball and catching just the tail end of summer practices, Starr's attitude has not changed and he says he is ready to impress come fall camp on Saturday.

"I'm more hungry than I've ever been after having the game taken away from me," said Starr. "I definitely appreciate it a lot more and I'm just ready to get back out there and go play football."

During his time away from the field, Starr continued to work through his rehabilitation.

"Yeah, I got to do [rehab] just to strengthen my neck, but that's about it," said Starr. "It's pretty much taken care of. It was a lot of strengthening, not using too much weight, but now I'm cleared by the doctors, so I'm just ready to get back and go to fall camp."

While Starr may be back on the field, he doesn't predict that his rehab will stop anytime soon. Still, he says his neck is "totally fixed."

"I don't know, I mean, they haven't really given me a time table on that," said Starr. "It's just, I think I'm going to continue to do it just to keep my neck strong. I don't think I'll stop."

In the last few voluntary summer practices, Starr said he was working on "just a lot of technical stuf right now."

Starr was listed at WLB in the Trojans' spring depth chart, however, his name was accompanied by a # indicating he was not able to be evaluated due to missing spring drills. Now with a clean slate in front of him, Starr has adopted a new mentality.

"Work in silence and let success speak for itself," said Starr.

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