Kennard established on the end

After missing the 2012 season with a torn pectoral muscle, USC redshirt senior Devon Kennard has returned to the Trojans defensive lineup in a big way...

USC defensive end Devon Kennard missed the Trojans 2012 season after suffering a torn pectoral muscle before fall camp opened.

Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

Now, Kennard is back on the field for USC, now a redshirt senior, and playing in a new defensive system that allows him to play to his strengths at outside linebacker.

"It's been a lot of fun," Kennard told FOX Sports NEXT after Tuesday's practice. "I love the versatility it allows me to have and I'm doing a lot of things out there."

The USC head coach has taken notice. On Wednesday after practice, Lane Kiffin said Kennard would be a frontrunner for MVP of fall camp to this point. "Devon would be up there if there were an MVP on the team so far," Kiffin said. "I think that he's playing really well at that position, we do a lot of things with him.

"He gives the tight ends a lot of problems and at times we put him on the tackles. I think he's really making the right steps to have a really good year."

During Tuesday's practice Kennard intercepted a Max Wittek pass intended for tailback Tre Madden during a 7on7 drill. "It's been awhile [since my last interception]," Kennard said, "I think back against Notre Dame three years ago. So it's been awhile since I've had a pick.

"I feel comfortable there," he continued. "It's not all that different from how I played in the best, just dropping back sometimes."

Kiffin said Kennard's spot as outside linebacker is really more of his natural position than what he played during the Trojans old 4-3 defense. "We tried to mess with him in a 4-3 scheme standing up but it didn't really fit right," he explained. "I think this has been really good for him."

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