Starr adjusts to new defensive scheme

USC linebacker Scott Starr talks adjusting to USC's new 5-2 format, a scheme he first played back in high school.

The first week of USC fall camp is in the books and linebacker Scott Starr is ready to keep working.

On Thursday the Trojans held their first scrimmage of the preseason, and despite racking up seven tackles, two for a loss and a sack, Starr says he wasn't happy with how he performed.

"I personally think that it wasn't my best game to be honest," said Starr after Friday's practice. "I walked away from the scrimmage kind of displeased with myself. Didn't have that good of a game I thought, I just need to be able to come back and have a stronger game next time."

After watching the scrimmage film, Starr has his mind set on a few specific things he is trying to work on.

"I just need to make faster decisions," said Starr. "It was the first time out in the Coliseum, so I was a little and let some plays get away from me, so I just need to be able to be more mentally tough."

"Mainly I'm just trying to work on my get off," continued Starr. "I haven't been in this position since high school, so I'm trying to get back to the basics with Coach [Oregeron] and then as a team, to be able to focus on the ball is the most important thing and just being able to hustle every day."

With the addition of new defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast also came a new defensive scheme. The Trojans are now running a 5-2 format instead of a 4-3, a change that Starr happens to like.

"I'm a big fan of the 5-2," said Starr. "I ran it in high school and now in college, especially in the Pac-12 with how many spread offenses we have. And now we're just going to focus on getting better each and every day."

Although he may have played it in high school, Starr says he is still getting used to the formation change.

"I'm a little rusty, I played 'Mike' last year, so I had to focus on a bunch of different things," said Starr. "Now I'm just getting back to the basics and get up to that college level because this is as elite as it gets, so I'm just trying to take in everything."

With one week done, Starr says he is ready to "contribute to this team anyway [he] can," and plans on proving a few things to the coaches before the season kicks off against Hawaii on Aug. 29.

"I just want to work on my pass rush, you know," said Starr. "Just be able to get sacks, and just show them I play with heart, and if they need me to do anything, I'm there."

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