Early enrollees on benefits of extra semester

A few of the early enrollees discuss the advantages of coming in the spring and their head start on the rest of the freshman class.

The seven Trojans who enrolled early--Max Browne, Darreus Rogers, Justin Davis, Kenny Bigelow, Su'a Cravens, Chris Hawkins and Leon McQuay III--have an extra semester of college football under their belt, which they say have put them ahead of the rest of the freshman class.

"Definitely, that seems really obvious on film," said USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin. "Having those 15 practices, and not just that, having the meeting time...they're more comfortable. You get out here and you're on the USC football field. I don't care how big of a recruit you are, you got some nerves going."

"You're going against some good players, and you're used to making every play wherever you went to high school and being the best player around, so there's definitely a transition," continued Kiffin. "We definitely see a difference in those guys. And we're fortunate that those seven guys who came in early, not only did they come in early, but they are really mature kids for the most part and mature football players."

"I think it's been a huge advantage," said Browne. "Coming in January where you get those 15 extra practices, especially in Spring, you're able to get a lot of reps. That's the biggest thing coaches are trying to teach the younger guys, trying to teach the whole team in general. I think it was a huge benefit for on and off the field reasons, and I would definitely do it again if I had the chance."

"It's big. Coming in and knowing dudes," said Rogers. "Got my little rookie case out of the way, so I just feel like I'm a little vet now."

"It helped me so much," said Davis. "I can't even explain into words. Definitely coming in spring, I was all over the place, it was hard for me to pick up a playbook. But now, I basically got a head start for Fall Camp, I'm very much more comfortable, got a lot more confidence, and I can play a lot more faster and get better in Fall Camp."

"It's helped tremendously," said Bigelow. "I've got to know the scheme early, I've got to be around Coach [Orgeron] so I know what he expects, I know what he wants me to do on the field."

A few of these early enrollees, including Darreus Rogers, Max Browne, Justin Davis and Su'a Cravens are all being considered for starting spots in their position. Still, it's a little too early to decide yet, so make sure to keep in right here on SCPlaybook for all the latest on USC football.

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