Time is ticking to win the starting role...

USC fall camp is through day ten and although head coach Lane Kiffin narrowed the quarterback race from three to two, there's no sign from the Trojans playcaller who he's going to name the starter...

USC redshirt sophomore quarterback Cody Kessler kindly reminded me Monday evening that only 17 days remain until the Trojans officially kickoff the 2013 season at Hawaii.

I kindly reminded him, in such case, that there are only 17 days remaining before someone has to be named a starting quarterback. (No, can't see Kiffin going with a two quarterback system).

Kessler grinned. He didn't take the bait.

I took Kessler's 17 day countdown to fellow redshirt sophomore Max Wittek. He didn't budge either, but like Kessler, grew a big grin.

Of course, they'd like to know who the starter is.

But both remain adamant, it isn't their focus.

Maybe the two of them know who is ahead in the quarterback battle, maybe USC head coach Lane Kiffin has tipped one of them off. Maybe they can look at the board in the quarterback room and get a solid sense who is going to be the guy.

If that's the case, the grins both share are a great poker face.

Looking at the field, it's becoming more blurry everyday.

Wittek started camp seemingly getting more reps with the ones, also throwing a few interceptions. Kessler then took over for a few days and took the first reps, making many think the winds shifted. He did well, but during the scrimmage, maybe Wittek did a bit better. Sunday and Monday Wittek was back taking the snaps first once again.

Throughout fall camp both quarterbacks have been susceptible to interceptions and both have completed the crowd favorite explosive play to deep receivers for touchdowns.

But what about the intangibles? Decision making, managing the huddle, and who is the gamer?

Kessler and Wittek both think they have all the above, and rightfully so. In a battle where the head coach hasn't given the slightest clue (publicly) which way he's leaning, you've got to at least talk the game to make sure the coach knows you believe you have the game.

As for the decision? Both say they are preparing everyday at practice as though they are the guy.

Through ten days, Kiffin's Monday night comments summed up the entire race, "Played really well today, took care of the football, and managed the huddle well," he said.

That tells you a whole lot... Okay, no, it tells us nothing at all...

Thanks for the reminder, Cody, only 17 days until USC kicks off.

How many days until a starter is named?

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